PC: Justin_Lippert

Young gun Jason West cracked his season open at the ITU Continental Cup in Sarasota, Florida this past weekend with a win. The Conti Cup sprint triathlon consisted of a 750 meter swim, an 18.3 km bike and a 5 km run; with the top 10 finishing within 60 seconds of one another, every second counts and every little mistake is amplified.

As part of the ITU American Cup series, 67 men from around the world were on the start line. West was 24th out of the water – 32 seconds back from the leader, and later stated “I definitely had to perform at a high level to get the win here. The start list was packed with some really fast swimmers whom I knew would want to get away together. I had a pretty good swim and stayed in striking distance.”

A solid ride for West enabled him to catch the front pack putting him in position to unleash his lethal run speed.

“We chased and brought the front group back pretty quickly, and then it became a tactical game of knowing where to position yourself at what time and I was able to get in and out of T2 at the front.”

“After about a mile into the run, I established a gap off the front and held it all the way to the finish. The pace was on and I ran a 14:52 5k to get it done. Start to finish, I was really happy with my performance.”

PC: Justin_Lippert

West’s race best performance on the run brought him to the finish line winning his first race of the season in a time of 50:54, 9 seconds ahead of 2nd place, German Lasse Nygaard-Priester and 17 seconds ahead of 3rd place, American William Huffman. Starting the season on the top step of the podium, West remarked “To open up the season with a win is really great.”


“The first race of the year is often a gauge to see where you are at coming off the winter, and it showed me I’m already in a great spot. I feel I still have a lot of room to work in training and build off where I am, so it is very encouraging for what’s to come. And, breaking the tape never gets old. It always feels special.”

PC: Justin_Lippert

On a relatively warm day with mid-80 temps and humidity, West mentioned his focus on hydration for his race. “Leading up to the race I drank two bottles each with a single serve packet of EFS Pro. I also had one serving of Pre-Race 30 minutes before start. During the race, I had another bottle on the bike, again with one serving of EFS Pro. In a 50-minute race, you don’t need a lot of carbohydrate, but you do need fluid and electrolytes in the heat. EFS Pro has a very high electrolyte concentration, and it kept me feeling strong all the way through the finish. Afterwards I had a packet of Ultragen right away. Staying hydrated and getting quality recovery in me right away helped me come away with much less soreness than I anticipated.”


ITU Sarasota Continental Cup
Sarasota CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon American Cup
Sarasota, Florida
March 9, 2019

1 Jason West (USA) 50:54
2 Lasse Nygaard-Priester (GER) 51:03
3 William Huffman (USA) 51:11
4 Javier Lluch-Perez (ESP) 51:28
5 Morgan Davies (GBR) 51:30
6 Henrik Klemmesen (DEN) 51:38
7 Chase McQueen (USA) 51:39
8 Austin Hindman (USA) 51:42
9 John Rasmussen (CAN) 51:48
10 Jack Felix (USA) 51:50