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Having focused her young career on the 70.3 distance, Jeanni Seymour has had great success thus far accumulating 9 professional wins at the half distance and placed 2nd in 2017 and 2018 at the IRONMAN 70.3 North American Championships. While seemingly still on an upward trajectory in the half distance, she felt it was time to try her hand at the full IRONMAN distance and landed on the podium at the North American Championships at IRONMAN Texas in her debut.

Commenting on her decision to make the leap to the full distance, Seymour said “IRONMAN has been a dream of mine since I first started triathlon, it is an incredible journey of self-discovery and pushing your own boundaries. I have a deep respect for the distance and my competitors, so I really wanted to be prepared before towing the line in Texas. My coach Jesse Kropelnicki and I decided to give it go after 70.3 Worlds last year and so I dedicated the entire off season to prepare for IRONMAN Texas. I really wanted to challenge myself and have found the reward from the obstacles I have had to overcome both in training and racing have allowed me to become a better athlete and person which is why the long-distance races is so fulfilling.”

Nervous about the unknowns yet excited to see what was possible in her first IRONMAN, Seymour said “My goal for my first IRONMAN was to execute MY plan and give my best on the day. I was focused on myself the entire day which meant leaving my ego behind and executing what was in my control. I did a great job of staying patient and I felt consistent for most of the day. I expected this race to be hard and IRONMAN delivered, I really had to dig deep and push myself all the way to finish line.”

PC:Nicole Adams

A strong swimmer, Seymour exited the water 3rd, along with Jocelyn McCauley and Daniela Ryf – the reigning IRONMAN World Champion for the previous 4 years. First out of transition, Seymour kept her composure and resisted the temptation to go out too hard, settling in on the bike riding her own pace while McCauley, Ryf, and the fastest cyclist on the day, Kimberley Morrison, forged ahead. The trio went into T2 within a few seconds of one another with Seymour trailing in 4th. Playing the patient game paid off for Seymour as she ran a 3:00:48 marathon, passing Morrison along the way to take 3rd place at the IRONMAN Texas North American Championships in a time of 8:58:03.

Punching her ticket to the World Championships in Kona with her 3rd place performance at the North American Championships, Seymour expressed

I am proud that I had the courage to challenge myself at the full distance and proud that I didn’t give up, especially when my body was not responding during the latter parts of the marathon.”

“I am humbled to have learnt so much about the distance and even more about myself which I will download with my team and use going forward as I prepare for my first Kona later in October.”

PC: @Ironman

The typical heat and humitidy in the Woodlands was more forgiving than usual on race day, though Seymour said “I was hoping for hotter! It was a low of 60 in the morning with around 80% humidly but then the humidity burnt off and it was around a real feel of 89F on the run. Regardless of the conditions, EFS is the base of my nutrition program. Fluid, salt and carbohydrate are the most important parts of Ironman nutrition so having the best in one formula makes it easy for me to do my job and execute my race plan.”

Reflecting on the experience, Seymour gratefully commented “I love pushing my body to the absolute limit and getting the most out of myself on the given day. I learnt that IRONMAN is all about being patient and knowing yourself more than anything.”

“Finding that place where you want to quit but you somehow find the strength to ask your body for more is a special place that I seek to find in every race. When I can get there, I have my most fulfilling performances.”

“There is something so special and fulfilling about the IRONMAN and I cannot wait to take everything I have learnt, get back to work and be better. I would also like to thank my incredible team and sponsors for making it all possible.”

PC:Luis R.Ramirez

IRONMAN Texas North American Championships
The Woodlands, Texas
April 27, 2019

1. Daniella Ryf (SUI) 8:37:48
2. Jocelyn McCauley (USA) 8:39:41
3. Jeanni Seymour (ZA) 8:58:03
4. Lesley Smith (USA) 9:03:17
5. Kimberley Morrison (GBR) 9:03:45