Credit Lesley Loughlin

This past weekend the city of Mont-Tremblant was the stage for First Endurance sponsored triathlete Jordan Rapp to catapult himself back to his winning ways with an authoritative win at Ironman Mont-Tremblant.

Following what Rapp called “a great swim” he exited Lac Tremblant 2 minutes 17 seconds off the leader, Brian Gleischmann, 1:25 off of fellow First Endurance triathlete Eric Limkemann and 33 seconds down from third place Paul Ambrose.

Feeling strong from the start of the bike, Rapp moved quickly through the riders ahead. Shortly after mile 15, Rapp forged into the lead and never relinquished his position after that. “It was one of those rare days where pretty much everything went smoothly.”  The only hiccup being that “Had I not lost my aero bottle, the whole ride would have been fueled by EFS-PRO. Four bottles totaling 1120 calories set me up for ZERO GI issues all day.”  With the fastest bike split of the day (4:25:01), over 12 minutes faster than the next best rider, Rapp stated “It’s a good course for me. Lots of hard punchy climbs and a couple moderate length climbs. The sort of ride that really takes it out the legs. I tend to do well on those courses. I just kept riding my own pace and rhythm and my lead kept growing. On the days you’ve got it, you’ve got it.” 

Holding a steady pace on the run, Rapp continued to build on his lead and later commented “I settled in a bit once I saw that I had a big lead on the way back in, then basically put it on cruise control in the second lap, running at a pace that was comfortable, but which also wasn’t going to keep me out there for longer than needed.” Rapp’s 2:55:53 marathon was enough for the fastest run on the day.

Rapp’s response to winning Ironman Mont-Tremblant was an emotional one. “It was an overwhelming feeling, after three years of struggling, to finally put together another performance that I could really be proud of. This is my first win as a father of three, which has overwhelming importance because I felt that I was finally able to do a great job as an athlete while also doing, I hope, a great job as a father.” 

Breaking the tape in 8:17:37 for the top podium spot, Rapp put on an impressive performance finishing a whopping 18:35 ahead of 2nd place Justing Daerr, with Paul Ambrose 2 minutes further back in 3rd.