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rapp_vancouverSponsored triathletes Jordan Rapp and Justin Park took 1st and 4th respectively in the Vancouver International Triathlon (1/2 Ironman Distance).  Rapp’s first race under 4 hours saw him dominate with an impressive 3:53 that included the 2nd fastest swim and run and fastest bike splits of the day.

In the men’s race Jordan Rapp of the US took the lead early in the bike and never looked back claiming over a 7 minute lead off the bike eventually leading to his first place 3:53:17 final clocking – also a new course record. Stephen Kilshaw of Victoria, Canada claimed second place besting his mentor and Vancouver defending champion, Jasper Blake who took 3rd.  Kilshaw keeps his Subaru West Coast Series podium streak alive after his victory early this year in the Subaru Shawnigan Lake Triathlon, and 2nd place finish at the New Balance Half.

1st –  Jordan Rapp                New York, USA         3:53:17
2nd – Stephen Kilshaw         Victoria, Canada         3:59:48
3rd –  Jasper Blake               Victoria, Canada         4:02:04
4th –  Justin Park                  Chapel Hill, USA         4:03:15
5th –  Kelly Guest                  Victoria, Canada         4:07:47


Good swim. Tied for the lead going around the first buoy, and then settled into 2nd position, well because I’m lazy. Honestly, I win races on the bike and run, so all I care about is being in a good position on the swim. I’m never inclined to lead on the swim, especially if it’s a choice between leading the front of the race and being 2nd at the front. A bit of a relaxed transition (i.e. SLOW. But I wasn’t rushed either). Took the lead about 1mile into the ride, once I got my shoes on. After that, I did my thing on the bike, which is what I love to do. I put pretty consistent time on everyone on each lap, despite dodging lots of people on laps 2, 3, and 4. Fortunately, I also love to run lately, and I had a great run off the bike as well. I had a good lead, but really I cared about breaking four hours (for the first time, which I did, by a lot, and also would have if it had been a 21km run instead of 20km, which also felt really good) and also stamping out the bad memories of the past two races. I ran hard but also felt good the whole way. 2nd fastest swim (except for relays, which is forgivable, since they had a former two-time Olympic swimmer on a relay, who led, but by not as much as you’d think), fastest bike by about 7min, and 2nd fastest run (paced for 1:17:00 for 13.1 according to my GPS. Paced for like 1:15:30 according to the race, which had me at 1:11:15 for 20km, which I had as actually being short.) Anyway, good day, and a good way to put the bad memories of the past two races behind me.

JORDAN RAPP’s Nutrition

Optygen & Multi-V
Ultragen & banana smoothie
Bowl of Koala Krisp & almond breeze (BIG bowl)

1/2 bottles of EFS grape + 2 salt stick caps + 1 scoop of pre-race
I actually think I threw most of this up during swim warm-up. I f’ed up putting on my wetsuit, and it was squeezing my stomach. Fortunately, I remained calm, adjusted my wetsuit, and was fine.

In Race:
1 bottle of “Rappstar mix” (from a friend, who dubbed it this) 1 scoop of EFS grape + 2 scoops of ClifShot crisp apple + 3 salt stick caps
1 flask of EFS liquid shot (THE BEST!!)
4 additional salt stick caps
2 on course 20oz. bottles of gatorade

Gatorade at every aid station (12cups?)
Dropped my salt sticks in transition. Fortunately, I had a 7min cushion to rely on… :) So no salt, which made me nervous. Fortunately, when it’s 75F and you’ve been training in 90F weather, that also makes it easier to run well.