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Josiah Middaugh_XTERRABeaverCreek_2016 Mtn BikeCurrent reigning XTERRA World Champion Josiah Middaugh won Sunday’s XTERRA Beaver Creek event in Avon, Colorado, regaining the lead in the XTERRA Pan Am series.

Middaugh successfully defended for his 4th straight XTERRA Beaver Creek win in his home town against a competitive field that saw new competitors and a return of athletes from the past to make the race a bit more of an unknown. “It was great to see some big names trying out XTERRA even though it was not their specialization.  I was impressed with Greg Bennet at age 44 trying out a new niche of triathlon after just a few months of mountain biking.”  

Notching his 3rd win in the 10-event series Middaugh said “I feel pretty good about how I executed my race plan. Starting with the swim, I exited in the top 10 and about 1:30 behind the leader.  The first 5 miles of the bike climbs over 2000 vertical feet, so I was able to ride up through the field and take the lead near the top of the climb. Rom Akerson, Ben Hoffman, and Sam Long were all climbing well and we were all within 30 seconds at the high point of the course.  Rom and I made some time on the first descent and then over the next 7 miles of the course I was able to cushion my lead and started the run with about 1 minute over Rom and 2 minutes ahead of Ben and Sam.  My plan was to take in two bottles of EFS-PRO on the bike and about half of my EFS Liquid Shot.  I came up a little short and only finished half of each water bottle and a couple sips of the EFS Liquid Shot.  That might have had something to do with my lack of energy on the run.  It was also the end of a very busy week of extra-curricular activities which caught up to me later in the race.” 

Posting the fastest bike split of the day was enough to hold off neo-pro rookie XTERRA athlete Sam Long on the run, who reeled to within 30 seconds of Middaugh at the finish line.

“Winning on my home course is very important to me and it means even more with a very strong pro field.”  

Josiah & SullivanWith the race being held on home turf, Middaugh’s eldest son, 12-year old Sullivan, lined up and raced the XTERRA Sprint for the first time.  “He is a pretty laid back kid so I was more nervous than he was!  I was so proud of him for challenging himself.”

XTERRA Beaver Creek – Avon, CO

1. Josiah Middaugh 2:10:05
2. Sam Long 2:10:35
3. Rom Akerson 2:12:20
4. Ben Hoffman 2:13:30
5. Leo Griffin 2:14:23