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On the morning of Monday, October 25th, ultra-marathon runner Karl Meltzer crossed the finish line in downtown St. Joseph, Missouri after completing a 40 day, 2,064-mile trek along the actual Pony Express National Historic Trail, a feat no one has ever achieved before.

The project, dubbed Red Bull Human Express, began on September 15th in Sacramento, California. You read that right…That’s more than 50 miles a day, or the equivalent of two marathons daily – crossing both the Sierra and Rocky Mountains, deserts and the Great Plains all on foot.

Completing his journey a full week ahead of schedule, Meltzer accomplished what 99.99% of humans would never even attempt. On his final day, he ran more than 100 miles (four complete marathons!), and as an homage to the postal carriers before him, Karl personally hand-delivered a letter from the Mayor of Sacramento to the Deputy Mayor of St. Joseph.

Why did he do it, you ask?

“I’ve run a lot of 100-mile marathons, and this was an opportunity to challenge myself personally and professionally to do something no one else has ever done,” said Meltzer.

Karls Fueling Plan:

Every morning started with MultiV and OptygenHP and ibuprofen.

Primary calories during running came from EFS drink and Ultragen.   Karl averaged 4-5 EFS drinks, some EFS liquid shot and 4-5 Ultragen drinks per day. “The EFS was my rocket fuel.  It was my primary calories while I was moving.”

Every run finished with an Ultragen. “I was never sore for 40 days which was pretty amazing.”