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First Endurance ultra runner Krissy Moehl set the fastest pace to win the Californian Sean O’Brien 50 mile ultra running race. On beautiful single track trails along the Backbone Trail within the Santa Monica Mountains, the course has breathtaking views of the ocean and tests the runners with 11,000 feet of climbing.

Moehl spent the last few months training in the Pacific North West wet, cold winter and was “SO thankful to hop in to this California beautiful weather race”. Decsribing race day in the mountains, Moehl said “The temps were more than double what I’ve been training in (40s vs 80s+) so the adaptation was a little intense. I kept telling myself that I was just drying out and getting the mold and moss out of my lungs! There is a good amount of elevation gain and loss (11,222ft each) in those 50 miles, so the quads are a bit more seasoned now from the descents and I was able to test my power hiking more than the last couple of months”.

Moehl was using the race as a final long prep run before she heads to compete in an ultra race in China, and she got what she came for. Winning in a time of 9:29:42, 4:10 to spare on second place Ellen Kenney, Moehls said “This was a great confidence booster and final long run for the Gaoligong 165km by UTMB race on March 9”.

“This early season race was a great reminder that hard work pays off. I “know” that sentiment in my heart, but it is helpful to feel it and be reminded of it with a race effort like this one”.

Sean O’Brien 50M
Malibu, CA
February 3, 2018

1. Krissy Moehl 9:29:42
2. Ellen Kenney 9:33:52
3. Gisele Schaaf 9:40:35
4. Rhandi Orme 9:48:48
5. Yvonne Naughton 9:50:48
6. Leah Yingling 10:06:40
7. Annalise O’Toole 10:10:00
8. Emily Grober 10:17:32
9. Elizabeth Ochoa 11:05:30
10. Robin Derdowski 11:31:44


PC: Kathleen Egan