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Lauren Goss Challenge San Gil 2016 WinLauren Goss pulled off a convincing victory for a repeat win at Challenge San Gil in Queretaro, Mexico.

Starting off with a swim at 6,000 ft elevation, Goss opened up a large gap of 3 minutes 43 seconds and headed out of T1 over 3 minutes in the lead.

The bike course included 2,000 ft of climbing and Goss was careful to measure her effort “Onto the bike I went much more conservative than normal given the altitude and I wanted to make sure I would not blow up on the run with such a challenging bike course.”

Holding back a bit on the bike afforded Goss the fastest run split of the day, crossing the finish line 4 minutes and 56 seconds ahead of second place Alvarez who had the fastest bike split. “In the high altitude races you really never know what will happen so it is better to be safe and get the win instead of trying to get a PR and then losing the race in the last miles.”

“I was very happy to cross the line first and have a steady race on the challenging course. This year has been a bit inconsistent for me as I have been sick a lot and struggling with sleep.”

“My times were similar this year and last year so I am happy to be back on track and looking forward to the rest of 2016!”

Competing in the race for the second year in a row, Goss was well prepared and knew what to expect. “I knew the total race time would be a bit longer than a typical half distance race so I prepared for that when making my nutrition plan. I started the morning with my normal oatmeal and banana with almond butter 2.5 hrs before race start. While setting up my transition and walking over to the swim start I drank 150 calories of EFS-PRO mixed with bottled water. On the bike, I had 4 bottles – two had 250 calories of EFS-PRO and two were water. On the run I had an EFS Liquid Shot flask with 75% gel and 25% water. I had a small sip every mile regardless if I thought I needed it and water at every aid station. I used to drink the sports drink and coke as well but I found that really hurt me. I like knowing exactly the amount of calories going in and being in control.”

Goss plans to compete in the Boulder Peak Relay where she be competing in the swimming leg along with fellow First Endurance athlete Angela Neath on the bike and Abby Levene on the run. Following that, Goss will be lining up to try to defend her 2015 title at IRONMAN 70.3 Ecuador.

Lauren Goss Chal Gil 2016 podiumChallenge San Gil
Queretaro, Mexico

  1. Lauren Goss (USA)                 4:36:41
  2. Palmira Alvarez (Mexico)      4:42:37
  3. Caroline Furriela (Brazil)      4:46:47