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A few wks back after some a chat with some peeps, I decided to race Moses Lake Olympic tri (at USAT sanctioned event), I have heard good things about the venue but the only draw back was the distances are usually not the same from year to year. The distances are supposed to be 1m / 22m / 6.2m , which was close but this is approx what was this year… 0.8-0.82m / 22.25m/ 6.2 (some say longer but close enough..)

For me this race was more to get me out of my comfort zone and not loose too much time training. When racing short course it just plain hurts, racing hard ones mind often says, “slow down just a little it will feel so much better”. Its easy to give it, but with all the sacrifices we make for training and such, would it be fair to ourselves and our supports to back off just a little?
Though there isnt much, I still think its important in this event to keep one from slowing down.
-bowl of koala crisps (GF Cereal) 3 hrs out with unsweetened almond milk
-First Endurance Ultragen 2 scoops with 16 oz of unsweetened almond milk, sipped between 120-90 min out from start.
-100 calories of Wild Berry Liquid Shot 15′ before swim start
-Bottle of Water btwn aerobars with added electrolytes sipped throughout the ride.
-150 calories of Wild Berry Liquid Shot taken in at 45′ into the bike
now to the race:
The water temp was perfect, I was a bit worried would be damn cold. I lined up in the front of my wave and was able to get near the front, when we hit the first major turn to come back , I wasnt too far back off the front pack. Then on the 2nd loop before coming back in, a swimming going the other direction was a bit off course hit me head on; punching me in the eye causing my googles to fill with water. I quickly rolled over and fixed my googles and proceeded to swim. At this point I lost about 30″ and the few swimmers I was swimming with..oh well, still feel I handled it best and quickest I could. I feel I have made some great improvements in the pool, and need to apply better to OW.
In short races, I tend to blitz out of T1 on the bike. At this race my plan was to use the first mile to gradually settle in to an effort that would hurt. For the most part the bike was uneventful. Other than Josh, I wasnt never passed on the bike. I was able to pass a few athletes that out swam me and reeled in the main pack of swimmers to 30-60′ by T2.
I had the fastest bike split in my AG and of the 15 people who beat me, only 5 rode faster. After some analysis of my power, I am very please with my watts, shows that this season my bike is gonna be great!
This is where it normally hurts the most for me and the goal was to run as hard as I could. Today, I did that and my pace seemed to be dictated by my lungs. Not quite a PR here but close. I never took the foot off the gas and kept focused never leaving the pain cave which was the goal of the day so I am please. For me this is where I will need to make improvements if I want to be competitive. To be so at this distance, I need to run 40 or better, no question!
Total time: 2:04
16th place Overall
2nd place in 30-34 Age Group, which qualified me for USAT Age Group Nationals but bummer its the week before IMC..
Overall, this is evidence that the plan is working and improvements are being made. Training for Long Course, these short races can hurt a bit but are key IMO.
Next week, back to the Pain Cave… at Trailblazer Triathlon.