“It tastes great and I love the way it made me feel.”

Seth Jones

Pro Cyclist (Hincapie Racing Team)

Better than ever before

When redesigning EFS drink mix, we spared no expense, investing in research-driven innovation and solutions rather than defaulting to the status quo. The new EFS provides complete nutrition that supports physical and mental performance for elite athletes, redefining the limits of endurance nutrition so you can redefine the limits of endurance.

A new way of thinking

When we think about endurance, we don’t typically think about thinking, but anyone who’s had their motivation crushed by an obstacle—a looming climb, a 90-degree turn into a headwind, another gap to close—knows that mental toughness and presence of mind at critical moments are almost as important as fitness. EFS includes a unique ingredient, which is clinically proven to promote focus and reduce anxiety, keeping you in control so you can find a gear you didn’t know you had.

All you need to push through

A focused mind is useless without a willing body, so EFS doesn’t neglect the essential duties of endurance nutrition: preventing cramps and maintaining fuel levels. Industry-leading electrolyte content (all five electrolytes at a combined 1,160mg—double the closest competitor) and multiple sources of carbohydrates (complex for prolonged energy; high-glycemic for immediate use) provide all you need to push through. No cramping, no bonking, no need for any supplemental tablets or bars—when we say EFS is complete, we mean it’s literally all you need.

“I sweat a lot on the trainer and I don’t have to worry about cramping or adding more salt when using the new EFS.

Felt well hydrated and felt like I was meeting my caloric needs to fuel the session.”

Jeanni Seymour-Metzler

9x IRONMAN 70.3 Champion

“Definitely love the new flavors of EFS.”

Tina Pic

Pro Cyclist & 6x USA Criterium Champion

“On-the-bike taste was great. I felt amazing on the bike today! I had a PR on the top half of the climb. Surprised by this, because I had skied hard the day before.”

Doug Davis

Cat I Cyclist