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OptygenHPThe Previous OptygenHP formula focused on: 1) The regulation of cortisol, the primary stress hormone and 2) the body’s synthesis of lactate, a by-product of hard efforts. Systemic modulation of cortisol allows athletes to train hard for many months without going into an over-reaching or over-training state. The synthesis of lactate allows athletes to push harder in their sessions without the debilitating result of too much lactate accumulation. The end result is months of very strong training.

The new OptygenHP formula not only modulates cortisol but also contains 50% more Beta-Alanine than the previous formula in order to significantly improve how the body synthesizes lactate. Because of this upgrade, athletes can expect to experience the benefits earlier than when they used the previous formula. In addition, athletes should also notice, to a greater degree, they can sustain efforts above lactate threshold better than ever before.

Also new to the 2013 OptygenHP formula are changes which have a direct effect on glycogen re-synthesis along with reduced inflammation and protein turnover.

Following a hard training session, athletes fight inflammation, battle oxidative stress, experience torn muscle tissue, and have depleted glycogen stores. Replenishing and managing the physiological effects of hard training has a direct correlation to how you recover along with your ability to exercise at a high level. A 2004 article in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine reviewed the effects of “Regulation of Muscle Glycogen Repletion, Muscle Protein Synthesis and Repair Following Exercise.” In the review, Dr. John Ivy states that “Recovery from prolonged strenuous exercise requires that depleted fuel stores be replenished, that damaged tissue be repaired and that training adaptations be initiated. Muscle glycogen is an essential fuel for intense exercise. The restoration of muscle glycogen requires special consideration when there is limited time between training sessions or competition.”

Glycogen re-synthesis is the process of converting food into stored glycogen. Even with optimal recovery after a hard workout, full glycogen re-synthesis is difficult to attain within 24 hours and subsequent workouts can begin to suffer. This is especially true when working out or racing for multiple days back to back. Having the ability to replenish glycogen to a greater degree allows athletes to bounce back from exhaustive exercise faster and be better prepared for the next day of training or racing.

Glycogen is the primary storage carbohydrate in muscles and liver totaling approximately 2,000Kcal in a trained athlete. Because muscle glycogen can be directly converted in to glucose, it is the preferred fuel for strenuous sports activity. Unlike fat, this fuel can be mobilized rapidly under anaerobic condition, which typically occurs during acute/exhaustive physical exercise. It’s been demonstrated that endurance performance is directly related to the initial muscle glycogen stores, that strenuous exercise cannot be completed once stores are depleted and that perception of effort increases as glycogen decreases. The importance of glycogen stores and glycogen replenishment has been well established. Because many elite athletes have to train several times per day and at times also race on subsequent days, special attention must be given to maximizing glycogen re-synthesis in order to sustain a high level of performance.

The new OptygenHP is a game changer because of the multiple benefits it provides endurance athletes. The new formula significantly improves glycogen re-synthesis and also reduces muscle damage and long-term inflammation. With 50% more Beta-Alanine, this new formula now improves lactate threshold better than ever before while still delivering a clinically proven cortisol modulating system. Not only will the new and improved OPTYGENHP formula deliver significant benefits when training hard for 2+ months, it now also help athletes improve endurance and performance during short, very intense training blocks of 2-4 days.

For additional information, download the complete OptygenHP research packet.