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EVO1 represents the EVOlution of endurance sports nutrition. It’s the first complete, 100% vegan, whole-food based endurance meal replacement developed to meet the unique requirements of endurance athletes.


✓ Great tasting, convenient, all-in-one superfood
✓ Helps stop hunger and burns fat
✓ Excellent source of protein

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Features include:

  • 21 grams of ultra-clean plant-based protein
  • 26 grams of high-quality carbohydrates
  • 2 grams of healthy Omega 3/6 fatty acids
  • Essential MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides)
  • Wholesome grains, fruits, vegetables, and fiber.

Not only is EVO1 100% raw and vegan, it’s also completely allergen-free and contains no additives, processed sugars, preservatives or fillers of any kind.


Plant-based diets and athletic performance

Within the past few years, plant-based diets have gained in popularity. They are recommended in various weight management programs and are the choice of environmentally-conscious individuals, animal right supporters, and various religious practices. Plant-based diets are also the choice for many professional and amateur athletes alike.

Despite the initial concerns on malnutrition or performance-related issues from past years, the increasing number of successful vegetarian or vegan athletes has brought plant-based diets into the spotlight. And although the science has not definitively demonstrated an advantage or disadvantage in the performance of the non-omnivorous over the omnivorous athletes, some initial concerns have been addressed by leading-edge research.

Vegan Proteins

Most would argue that whey protein easily rises to the top as the superior protein source to use for supplementation purposes, which left vegan athletes with only sub-standard options. In recent years, however, a number of changes have opened new doors for those athletes on a vegan diet. First, technological advancements in the food industry allow for the extraction of proteins from different food sources. Second, sustainability issues and a more informed consumer base has led the investigation into numerous and varied protein sources. Finally, a growing need has been identified for protein supplement sources that fit into a vegan and allergy-free diet.

There are now additional protein sources that have equivalent (and possibly even greater) merits when compared to whey. These include pea, rice, hemp, avocado, barley, buckwheat, cranberry-seed, goat milk, Brazil-nut, and even bug protein (thanks to reality shows like Fear Factor and Man vs. Wild). The strongest case is made for pea and rice protein compared to whey as the reference standard when methods of analysis are considered. These analyses include Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS), Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) and Biological Value (BV), and allow for a commensurate comparison between the three proteins.

MCTs and Sports

It’s been well-established that consuming fat as a fuel source does not improve endurance performance. In fact, several studies have shown that sprint performance at the end of endurance exercise may be compromised with the consumption of fat.

However, the data on MCTs in sport is mixed. Some studies have found performance benefit through the suppression of lactate and improvement in high-intensity exercise. Other studies have produced evidence that MCTs do not support any true and meaningful performance benefit.

A meta-analysis seems to suggest that MCTs may play a role in enhanced performance for aerobic activity by sparing glycogen.

A 2009 study compared the effects of MCTs to long chain triglycerides on athletes training over a 2-week period.

The group ingesting MCTs did improve time to exhaustion at 80% of their VO2 peak. Lactate concentration and rate of perceived exertion were also lower in the MCT group. The MCT group also burned fat more efficiently, sparing glycogen.


Q: What’s the best way to use EVO1?
A: EVO1 was designed to be a meal replacement. It’s designed to fill in some additional high quality calories in-between meals. Most athletes will likely use a serving between meals in order to get something in their stomach before their next workout. Vegan athletes will and can use this as their recovery drink.

Q: Why does EVO1 contain MCTs?
A: Consuming long branched fatty acids prior to workouts has been shown to be detrimental to performance. MCTs, on the other hand, are far easier to absorb and may offer some health and performance benefit. MCTs are a healthy alternative to saturated fats and have the potential to improve gut bacteria and health. Some evidence suggests MCTs may also help athletes become leaner by catabolizing stored fat.

Q: Can this be used in place of breakfast, lunch or dinner? 

A: It can, however since its only 240 calories it may be best to mix in some fruit, almond milk, nuts and make a smoothie that has more calories.



Q: What type of protein is in the EVO1 drink mix?
A: EVO1 uses a proprietary ratio of rice and pea protein. The combination of these two proteins at the proper ratio not only makes this a complete protein but a high quality protein that rivals whey protein and egg protein. At this ratio our protein mix has a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid (PDCAA) score of 1.0 which is equivalent to the gold standard.


Q: What is the Omega-3 source in EVO1?
A: Our Omega-3 comes from flax.

Q: Why is there 20 grams of sugar in the formula?
A: This is naturally occurring non-processed sugar from the fruit, vegetable and organic cane found in the ingredients.

Q: Can I use EVO1 to lose weight?
A: Yes if used appropriately with the right exercise program and eating plan. EVO1’s medium chain triglycerides have been used effectively to help reduced unwanted fat.



First Endurance offers everything an endurance athlete needs to maximize endurance and performance.  We designed it to work as a complete endurance system. Each product has a specific purpose and complements the others.

With First Endurance, there’s no more guesswork.