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PreRace is a revolutionary pre-exercise supplement developed to provide endurance athletes with a potent mental and cardiac jump-start for races or workouts.

Improves mental acuity & enhances focus
Increases time to exhaustion & improves performance
Contains caffeine & quercetin to boost maximum workload

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WARNING: Improper use may be hazardous to a person’s health. Discontinue use if dizziness, sleeplessness, nervousness, headache, or tingling sensations occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.

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Took one use for us to become believers."

PreRace is a revolutionary pre-exercise supplement developed to provide endurance athletes with a potent mental and cardiac jump-start prior to races or workouts. The Pre-race formula provides all the necessary ingredients needed to increases mental stamina, increases time to exhaustion, increases maximum workload, improves mental clarity and increases oxygenation of muscles.

Features include caffeine, taurine, qurcetin and a proprietary neuro-stimulant blend. PreRace comes as a flavor free powder which can be added to any pre-exercise or during exercise drink, like EFS. PreRace Clinical Study on a 40k Time Trial.
PreRace Clinical Study on a 40k Time Trial.


  1. My pre TT go to supplement Review by Hoeferland

    This is my go to product before a TT and it makes a HUGE difference in my ability to focus and drive during the event, and it really buffers the build of lactic acid so that I can go another ~10 minutes above my TT pace during a short TT.

    Absolutely a go-to product for short events and loading into a water bottle for the last hour of a hard road race. Be careful if you use it before an afternoon may not be able to sleep that night. (Posted on 10/11/2017)

  2. Always Race with PreRace Review by Will

    The capsules are my go to for every distance, after using them for almost two years I can't imagine pushing myself to the limit without PreRace. It helps me to not only push slightly beyond my limit but to also maintain a high output for longer. (Posted on 9/26/2017)

  3. Super Boost! Review by Zac

    I use this in my bottles before a race or super hard workout. It makes a huge difference. It increases mental focus and my power output. I won't race without it! (Posted on 10/27/2014)

  4. Worked for me Review by Nora

    I mixed a scoop with EFS and drank it before and during a 5 mile race. Not only did I get a PR, I got all negative splits, with my last mile being a full minute faster than my first. This has NEVER happened to me. I am a believer. (Posted on 8/18/2014)

  5. Gets me going Review by Robert

    Need a boost for that key workout? Feeling tired from the day before? A scoop of this in your EFS drink and you'll be good to go. This has helped me nail so many key workouts and stay focused through the long ones. Its helped me get on the podium and the best part is no crash after. (Posted on 12/6/2013)

  6. Increase in power output Review by Tommy N

    I have used Pre-Race racing for three years now. I particularly enjoy it for shorter races like criteriums and time trials. Just three weeks ago, after some very good advice, I started using it for one hard training session a week. I found that my power output at the same heart rate and perceived exertion was slightly higher than the sessions the weeks before. That might not mean much, but going into races knowing that I can boost my power output just slightly, can make a difference in results. It also allows me to train a bit harder too! (Posted on 3/26/2013)

  7. Rocket Fuel Review by Corey

    Add 1/2 - Full scoop to your EFS gel flask for a an EFS hand grenade! Great for fueling an enduro ride or run! Prepare for blast off! (Posted on 3/5/2013)

  8. Really gives a boost to performance. Review by Jeff

    I have been using PreRace for 2 season before (and during some) races. I really feel there is a great benefit to the output I can produce physically and what I can push through mentally! (Posted on 8/12/2012)

  9. Works Amazing!! Review by JPL14

    I didn't believe that this stuff would work as well as they said, so I got a sample from my local bike shop. The first day, Wednesday, at 1:30 p.m I drank 24 ounces of water, then at 3:30, I rode exactly 19.2 miles drinking one bottle of plain water on the ride. My overall time was 1:02:36. Then on Friday, at 1:30 I drank 24 ounces of water, at 2:55 I had 2 pre race capsules, and then did the 19.2 mile ride (exact same route, weather temp., clothing I wore, basically everything was the exact same as Wednesday) while drinking 1 waterbottle once again throughout the ride. The difference was, my overall time dropped to 00:54:29 and felt extremely focused throughout the ride. What an amazing product, I will continue to use often!! (Posted on 3/24/2012)

  10. Keeps you alert and focused naturally Review by Kzaitzruns

    I couldn't imagine racing without Pre-Race. It allows you to stay focused and alert, which, is so important when racing longer distances. I mix it with my EFS Liquid Shot and carry it during my road races. The bottles are small and easy to carry and being able to mix the Pre-Race in, gives you a bit of calories and nutrition (in the Liquid Shot), along with some H2O. It's a great combination and is great to take before races and during when the distance is 10-miles or longer! I recommend it to ALL endurance athletes! (Posted on 1/17/2012)

  11. Side Effects of PreRace Review by JKP

    Every since I started using PreRace my Heart Rate Monitor is showing that after a run my heart rate is 100+ % of my max. I don't feel like my heart is racing or being overworked but can't deny the relationship to PreRace and the increased heart rate. I normally finish a workout with a max HR of 85% and today it was 132%. Again I don't feel anything different in my heart rhythm, just more energy for running. Thought I loved this product but 132% of max CANNOT be good even it I am not "feeling" it! Going to stop using the product for not and would LOVE some feedback on this issue...and would love to know if anyone has had similar issues!

    At first I thought maybe something was wrong with my Garmin HRM but later in the day my heart rate is normal! (Posted on 7/25/2011)

  12. You'll love it! Review by james

    Great with EFS on our five hour team rides...try it!!!!! (Posted on 7/24/2011)

  13. This stuff works! Review by Kendall Helfenbein

    I have been using PreRace for about a month. It is the real deal. I am very careful with new supplements and have only built up to using about 1/2 of a scoop. I have set new PR's on two bike courses I ride often. This stuff gives me an extra gear. I have more endurance and power with the same heart rate. I am able to attack hills without coming out of my big front gear for the first time. I stand on my peddles and power up the hills. There are no side effects that I have noticed, just really good results. I drink the 1/2 scoop in about 12 oz of water 30 minutes before leaving the house.

    I am now using EFS, PreRace, Optygen HP and Ultragen. I really believe in this Company and trust their supplements. This stuff is expensive, but so is my bike and all the time I spend training for my triathlons. If this stuff helps me medal in my age group, it is money well spent. Keep the science coming! (Posted on 7/22/2011)

  14. a decent product Review by filolaos

    but it is cheaper to drink two black coffees, the result is the same (Posted on 7/7/2011)

  15. Good Morning! Review by Josh

    Man this stuff gets you going! Mixed 1/2 scoop with my EFS Fruit Punch before my race. It gets you focused for the race and wakes your system up without leaving you jumpy or jittery. I think I will also try using a it during the race in some of my upcoming events. Another homerun by the people at First Endurance! (Posted on 5/17/2011)

  16. Tear into it! Review by Snaks

    This stuff is crazy awesome! It gives me the boost I need just in time for racing. Really wakes me up and keeps me focused on the job at hand. I hate the sluggish and tired feeling of early morning races. PreRace alleviates that and more. I also love to use it later in the race to get that last bit of surge needed to hold off potential attacks or to go on the attack. (Posted on 5/13/2011)

  17. Unfortunately Review by Peter O.

    It beat up my stomach. I could barely walk after taking this. (Posted on 4/22/2011)

  18. Perfect source of Caffeine Review by Savannah

    It is kind of like reaching for a red bull in special needs, except it won't wreck your stomach. I mix one scoop with 2.5 oz of liquid shot and a little water in a flask. (Posted on 3/24/2011)

  19. Better than coffee!! Review by Kati

    I needed a non-coffee source of caffeine on race (and big training days) - PreRace was perfect! I feel the caffeine wake up, but I also feel focused and ready to go! I also mix a 1/2 serving to drink when coming off the bike for a half ironman. (Posted on 3/6/2011)

  20. Must have product Review by Kathleen

    I'm always skeptical when a product talks about increasing energy and endurance. My concern is raising my heart rate. PreRace is the real deal. Gets you ready to race or train without increasing your heart rate. I love it before a big workout or a race. This is a must have product (Posted on 3/5/2011)

  21. Get ready to go! Review by Janet

    A little caffeine before a tough workout or race is always optimal in my book! I usually mix in some PreRace with my EFS sportsdrink and sip on it prior to the race. I used it before all key races in 2010 and I felt that it helped give me that extra energy that I needed and helped me to remain focused. Thank you FE for the extra bump that I needed! (Posted on 3/1/2011)

  22. The Boost you need Review by Christina

    I like using prerace mixed in with EFS in my bottle for during the race. I like having caffeine during a race and this is a good way to steadily get it in. Since I don't use caffeine a whole lot out of sport (not a regular coffee drinker) i found it a little too potent when taking it all at once prior to a race but i can sip on it when i use the EFS and it is great! (Posted on 2/28/2011)

  23. 100% Focus Review by Joshua

    I fell in love with this product with the first use. Just half a scoop before a workout that your not looking forward to can turn that session into a training set that leads to new PRs. I've tried other products in the past, and PRERACE blew them all away. (Posted on 2/28/2011)

  24. Love it! Review by Hillary Biscay

    Coffee has nothing on this stuff!! I love PreRace with my EFS drink mix before triathlons or running races: it gives me extra focus and energy. I use 1 scoop and and thinking of trying 1.5! (Posted on 2/26/2011)

  25. No joke Review by Michael

    PreRace is no joke - I haven't even come close to using a full scoop of the stuff yet and to be honest, the thought scares me. Can't wait to put it to a real test during race season. (Posted on 2/16/2011)

  26. PreRace and during the race! Review by Renne

    I love mixing PreRace with one of my bottles full of EFS for DURING the race. Provides the perfect surge of energy I need before hitting the run off the bike. I am a female on the smaller side (112 to 115lbs) and use about half a scoop and it's worked very well. (Posted on 2/2/2011)

  27. Rev it up! Review by JC Ramirez

    I've been a fan of Pre-Race for 2 seasons now. This is my secret weapon for getting the engine and mind ready to give it 100%, be it an Ironman or a cyclocross race. Mixed with 1scoop of EFS drink, I've used 1 to 1.5scoops of Pre-Race no problem. I only wish his wasn't available to the competition.... (Posted on 1/19/2011)

  28. Potent stuff! Review by Jeff

    PreRace is amazing. I use it in crits and time-trials. Used to use Red Bull but it doesn't even come close to what's in PreRace. My only advise would be to start out with half a serving at first and not to take it in the evening. (Posted on 1/8/2011)

  29. Start your engine Review by Kyle

    PreFace is my own personal turbo boost button. Wether it's before the start, for a late race surge, or just getting to the line at that rainy criterium, PreRace helps me to be focused and motivated for the win at every race. (Posted on 11/30/2010)

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PreRace is designed to stimulate the Nitric Oxide (NO) system, increase time to exhaustion and improve performance. NO improves blood flow, clears lactate and delivers more nutrients to working muscles. Citrulline Malate and Taurine have been shown to enhance cardiac output leading to numerous endurance enhancements. 

This Pre-Exercise supplement also improves cognitive function and mental clarity through CNS stimulation. PreRace is formulated with a proprietary Neuro-stimulant blend that contains diMethyl amino ethanol (DMAE), metabromine and catechin to improve mental acuity. This special Neuro-stimulant blend works synergistically with 200mg of caffeine and quercetin to improve time to exhaustion and increase maximum workload. 

Warning: Consult your health care professional before use. Discontinue use if dizziness, sleeplessness, tremors, nervousness, headaches, heart palpitations or tingling sensations occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Keep out of the reach of children. Begin use with one half the recommended dose to assess your tolerance. Improper use may be hazardous to a person’s health. 

Click here to download the PreRace research packet in Adobe Acrobat format.


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Powder (Capsule supplement facts below)

Use Directions: Mix one heaping scoop into EFS Energy drink or your favorite pre-exercise drink. Consume 30 to 45 minutes before exercise. Begin use with one half the recommended dose to assess your tolerance. Improper use may be hazardous to a person's health.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 scoop (4800mg) or 1.5 tsp or 6cc or 6ml
Servings per Container: n/a
  Amount Per Serving%DV
L-Taurine 3000mg 
Citrulline Malate bonded 2:1 1000mg *
Quercetin 350mg *
Neuro Stimulant Proprietary Blend: DiMethyl Amino Ethanol, Caffeine Anhydrous**, Metabromine, Catechin 570mg *
Malic Acid (from Citrulline Malate) 300mg *

*Daily Value Not Established
**Provides 200mg Caffeine.


Use Directions: Consume three (3) capsules 30 to 45 minutes before exercise. Consume 1-3 capsules for each two hours of exercise as tolerated and needed. Do not consume more than 3 servings/day. Improper use may be hazardous to a person’s health.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings per Container: n/a
  Amount Per Serving%DV
L-Taurine 1000mg 
Citrulline Malate bonded 2:1 500mg *
Quercetin 200mg *
Neuro Stimulant Proprietary Blend: DiMethyl Amino Ethanol, Caffeine Anhydrous† 100mg Caffeine, Theobromine (Theobroma cacao, minimum 6% theobromine), Catechin (from Green Tea extract-Camilia Sinensis, minimum 60% catechins, 40% EGCG) 270mg *
Malic Acid (from Citrulline Malate) 125mg *

Other Ingredients: silica (flow agent)
No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
*Daily Value Not Established
**Provides 100mg Caffeine.