Passion, Perseverance and Endurance Redefined

Scott_2 2This past week, I had the honor of pacing Scott Jaime during his attempt to break the Colorado Trail Fastest Known Time (FKT).  Though the original plan was to run with him 8-10 miles on each of two days, I was so moved by his passion and determination I felt the need to push further.  Where I would cover approximately 20 miles on each of four days, Scott would triple that.  When I was exhausted, Scott pushed on.  In the few days I spent with him, we encountered hail, lightening, heavy rain, shin splints, blisters, hunger, wet feet, freezing temps, back-tracking and extreme exhaustion yet this never seemed to deter his determination to accomplish his goal.  He just pushed through with no complaints.  It was truly amazing.IMG_3263

I’ve raced Ultra’s, Ironman, long distance cycling and also been witness to many of the worlds greatest endurance athletes.  I’ve frequented professional cycling team training camps and several visits to Kona for the Ironman.  I thought I understood passion, perseverance and endurance, but realized Scott blew by my definitions.   For a detailed description of a day on the trail, we recommend this great read on


Here are just a few statistics to put it into perspective.

5 minute sleep.

5 minute sleep.

The Colorado Trail:

  • 486 miles
  • 90,000 feet of elevation gain (3X Mount Everest from sea level)
  • max elevation is 13,271 feet with much of the trail remaining above 10,000 feet
  • Thru Hikers take 40 days to cover the distance

Scott’s Record Attempt

  • 8 days, 7 hours, 40 minutes (199 hours)
  • Time spent sleeping  14 hours (avg 1.75 hours per night)
  • Time spent sleeping during the final 57 hours.  5 minutes
  • Most days began at 4:00 am and finished at midnight.


Scott’s record breaking run was fully captured on film by Matt Trappe.   The launch date for this documentary is Spring of 2014.   Here you can see the trailer which was filmed and released prior to his attempt and some professional images.


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  1. Carlos Armengol
    Carlos Armengol says:

    Rob, while I think that both you and Sylvia are kind of crazy in the extent that you exert yourselves, I cannot cease to admire both of you. And, very importantly and worthy of admiration, the way you write and create records of your experiences is fantastic – This piece is a great example. I’ve been very busy and today I finally had time to click on the link that you had shared; I ‘m vey glad I saved it – very pleasant to read; keep it up!

  2. Robert Kunz
    Robert Kunz says:

    and I thought showing that we are doing just a small portion of what these amazing athletes are doing proves we are not crazy?
    You are correct, however, the experience of running and cycling along side these amazing people is absolutely fantastic.


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