First Endurance PreRace supplement.

South Dakota State University conducted an independent study on PreRace to determine its effectiveness on cycling endurance.  The yet to be published, double-blind placebo, controlled study used seven trained cyclists in a 40K time trial.  Each cyclist performed two 40K time trials.  On the first TT the cyclist consumed either a placebo or PreRace mixed with one serving of EFS 30 minutes prior to doing a 40K TT.  One week later each cyclist would switch the protocol and receive the opposite of what he/she received the previous week.*

-Time trial was 3′ 17″ faster than with the placebo

-Watts increased by 15

-Work output increased

-Percent of Lactate Threshold increased

-No significant change in heart rate

-No significant increase in RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)

Further details of this study will be available once the study has been published.

Discussion:  These results, though surprising in their magnitude, are precisely what we would expect from PreRace.   The ingredients in PreRace have been studied extensively for their ability to improve cardiac output, stimulate nitric oxide and stimulate the central nervous system in addition to improving mental acuity.

Nitric Oxide stimulation causes the blood vessels to dilate which, as expected, allows more blood to pass through.  L-Taurine improves cardiac output so more blood can be pumped through blood vessels.  The caffeine, theobromine and quercetin stimulate the central nervous system so the athlete is mentally and physically prepared to go harder.  It stands to reason that this clinical study demonstrated improvements in performance, watts and work output even though there was no increase in perceived exertion or heart rate.

*Note: Preliminary Results

“Since I started to use Optygen and PreRace in 2007, I’vecaptured all three Grand Tour titles. Based on these results,Opytgen and PreRace willcertainly continue to be part of my daily racing and training routine.”–Alberto Contador

“I started using PreRace in the 2007 Tour de France take it in time trials. I don’t drink coffee so when I take PreRace, I really feel it, it’s a huge boost. I find even half a scoop is enough for me.”

– Levi Leipheimer