by Justin Metzler

My name is Justin Metzler and I am a 25 year old professional triathlete. I live in Boulder, CO with my fiancé (fellow FE professional triathlete, Jeanni Seymour) and our 1-year old puppy, Milli. Racing is my full-time job and I commit myself everyday to becoming a better, more well rounded athlete. There are a lot of factors that go into that process but two major pieces are training and nutrition. This video dives into a regular day in my process of swim, bike, run captured through the talented lens of local videographer, Justin Diamond.

Big training can’t happen without big nutrition. This day and everyday, I rely on the entire range of First Endurance products to help me get the job done. The day started out with a 75 minute swim session at Rallysport led by my coach, Julie Dibens. This swim is generally 4000-5000y in total duration with a main set that has about 2000y of high end sprint work. I’m a big aerobic diesel engine so although this is one of the shorter swims I’ll do, I often find it to be the hardest. On deck, I had one bottle of EFS that I sipped on throughout the swim which ensured I was getting in carbohydrate for the sprint efforts but also replaced salt and fluid that I was going to need later in the day. Immediately post swim I had one scoop of vanilla flavored Ultragen.

I got home from the swim, walked the dog and then started to prepare for the main session of the day, a 4h specific bike ride. This session was not more important than any of the others I did during the training block but it was going to be a serious effort that required attention to detail. For me, that starts with the nutrition plan. Before the session I had 1 bottle of EFS which I find helps load my system up with glycogen, electrolytes and fluid. The workout itself had about 90 minutes of warm up and then 2h of specific TT work. Over the course of the first 90 minutes I had an entire flask of EFS Liquid Shot and began working on my 3 bottles of sports drink that I have on my bike. For riding, I like to use a mixture of EFS and EFS PRO in my bottles. On a session like this, I use 1 scoop of EFS and 3 scoops of EFS PRO in each of my 24oz bottles. I find that to be the perfect ratio of carbohydrate, fluid and electrolytes to keep me going strong. I had 3x 24oz bottles of that combo in the first 2.5h and filled up another bottle for the final 90 minutes with the same mixture that I brought with me in a ziplock bag. I also had a Coca-Cola before the final 50 min effort.

Immediately off the bike I had another full bottle of my EFS mixture but with a little less fluid this time (18.5oz). I had to run 25 minutes at goal marathon pace which felt surprisingly easy after such a massive effort on the bike. I finished the session feeling confident about my effort, output and nutrition plan.

I came home and immediately smashed 2 scoops of chocolate Ultragen simply mixed with water. In my opinion, this is probably the most critical nutrition that I will take in over the course of the entire day. I am a big believer in immediately replacing lost glycogen and supplying the body with the protein/ amino building blocks that will kickstart the recovery and adaptation process that will happen over the next few hours and days.

I’ll have a bit of breakfast/lunch/brunch/dinner (not sure what meal this is- it’s early afternoon at this point) shortly after that. This is typically something basic and easily digestible like eggs, rice, avocado) and then a few hours later make an EVO1 smoothie with strawberry, banana, blueberry and almond milk. I like to make it thick and then top with almond butter and granola.

The remainder of the day I’ll transition back to a more normal, less sport-specific diet. Before bed I’ll make sure to get in my Multi-V which covers a broad range of micro nutrients that are critical to recovery and immune health.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about my process, something I have fine tuned over my 3 years working with First Endurance and over 10 years in the sport. Everyone has different needs when it comes to nutrition and hydration so I would highly recommend playing with a variety of concentration, flavors and loading strategies. Practice makes perfect and nutrition is such an important part of long course racing that it should not be a limiter come race day. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me directly via my Instagram, Facebook or email!