When should I use OptygenHP instead of Optygen?

by | Jan 3, 2017 | 24 comments

We often get asked how these two products differ and why one would choose OPTYGENHP over OPTYGEN.

Both OPTYGEN and OPTYGENHP should not be viewed as “am I elite enough to warrant this product?”. These products are designed to help with stressful training.   An athlete running their first 10K may undergo training that is very stressful whereas an experienced athlete running a 10K may find it relatively easy. If your training is stressful and leaves you absolutely drained even to the point where you have restless sleep, OPTYGEN or OPTYGENHP can help. Remember that stress comes from all aspects of life not just training.   An athlete can train 4-5 hours per week and be highly stressed because other aspects of their life are stressful. Other athletes can train 20+ hours and not be stressed. If you are stressed, OPTYGEN or OPTYGENHP can help.

Both OPTYGEN and OPTYGENHP are designed first and foremost to help manage the damaging effects of stress.   Cortisol, known as the regulator of immune response, is a hormone controlled by the adrenal cortex. While cortisol in normal amounts is necessary for proper metabolic function, a chronic elevated cortisol level can have a negative impact on sleep, mood, sex drive, bone health, ligament health, cardiovascular health and athletic performance, potentially causing fatigue and systemic inflammation.

Through the use of some clinically validated key adaptogenic herbs, both OPTYGEN and OPTYGENHP effectively modulate cortisol. This allows athletes to train at a very high level without going into an overtraining state.   The management of cortisol also offers secondary benefits including efficient oxygen transfer, improved ATP production and improved glucose metabolism.

OPTYGENHP (High Performance) takes the formula a step further through its inclusion of some key nutrients including Beta-Alanine. Beta-alanine is a non-essential beta-amino acid that efficiently synthesizes lactate to be re-used as fuel.   Improved lactate synthesis means athletes can push their lactate thresholds to a higher level.   This means athletes will be able to sustain a higher heart rate before the debilitating effects of lactic acid slows them down. The result is an improvement in endurance capacity allowing you to train and race at a higher level.


Which product is right for me?

Use OPTYGEN if your primary concern is the difficulty of your training program.   For best results, OPTYGEN should be used consistently for many months. Pick a hard training block and use OPTYGEN during the entire time.


OPTYGENHP                                                                OPTYGEN

-Modulates Cortisol                                                   -Modulates Cortisol

-Improves ATP                                                           -Improves ATP

-Improves mood, sleep, recovery                           -Improves mood, sleep, recovery

-Improves lactate threshold

-Improves fat burning



Use OPTYGENHP if you are concerned with the difficulty of your training program and if you also want to add a performance component to your supplementation.   With OPTYGENHP you will be able to push workouts further due to its ability to improve lactate threshold.


*Athletes can effectively go back and forth between both products. It’s perfectly acceptable to use OPTYGEN for a couple months during base training and switch to OPTYGENHP for the final two months before a big race.