Two weeks ago, Sam Long won his first profession triathlon at IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga. Rolling with momentum, he backed that result up making it two for two to win IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria in Canada on Sunday.

Following his victory in Chattanooga, Long went to British Columbia in between his 70.3 races to log some training hours for his upcoming IRONMAN in Boulder on June 9th, explaining “Going into the race I had some higher volume on Monday and Tuesday of race week as I have an IRONMAN one week after Victoria; because of this, my legs didn’t come around until race day. I had to manage this and know that I was fit and ready for a good day.” Familiarity with the island and being accompanied by his girlfriend, Long was happy to be racing on the west coast of Canada, commenting “IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria was an amazing venue. I love the island here and all of British Columbia. I’ve been boating up here since I was 8 years old and the area gives me a special energy. The course was fair and all the pros raced honest and hard.”

Tenth out of the water, Long limited his deficit to 2:43 back from the fast swimming Eric Lagerstrom, who led the field into T1 followed by Cody Beals, 1:37 back and Taylor Reid a further 2 seconds later. Long happily admitted, “I had my best swim ever, losing the least amount of time to the front swimmer that I ever had. Although the swim felt quite hard. But swimming with the main pack was awesome!!”

Settling in until he found his riding legs, Long pulled back 45 seconds by 48km’s and with another race best bike split, the 23-year-old pulled back another minute and 10 seconds by the 90k bike finish. “Once on the bike, I found myself working with Trevor Wurtele as well as picking up a few others who hung on. My legs were feeling good but not great. I was going as fast as I could the first 28 miles but not making any time on race leader, Cody Beals. I tried to stay positive about this and focus on getting him on the run. Then BOOM! Right at about mile 30, my legs came to life. I was able to drop everyone I was riding near and start putting time into Cody. By the end of the bike, I came in 45 seconds behind Cody.”

Starting the run 47 seconds behind Beals, Long wanted to take control of the race early and managed to run down Beals within 7 km’s, stating “On the run I told myself ‘I am catching Cody this first lap and if I implode so be it, at least I tried’. I was able to catch him ¾ way through the first lap. He surged to keep up with me but I kept the heat on! I was able to pull free. The second lap got really hard but I focused on form and nutrition and was able to get the tape!!!”

Staying on the gas all the way to the finish line, Long was able to build a 37 second advantage on Beals to cross the line in a time of 3:55:48 for his 2nd professional win in as many weeks. Overjoyed with being able to back up his race in Chattanooga by winning IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria, Long said “Winning two in a row was a must in my mind. I didn’t want people thinking my first one was a fluke.”

“I love winning and am one of the most competitive people out there so winning IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria just two weeks after my first win in Chattanooga, is pretty much the best feeling in the world!”

Putting down a 1:15:48 run split, Long not only postesd the top bike split but also clocked the fastest run of the day. Long expressed what putting a solid bike-run effort together meant to him, stating “The fastest bike split is something that is good to get–but with the bike historically being my strength it has stopped meaning as much to me – unless I can run well after that. Today, that was the case. Getting the fastest run was unreal! I won this race on the run!”

IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
June 2, 2019

1 Sam Long 3:55:48
2 Cody Beals 3:56:25
3 Taylor Reid 3:58:31
4 Eric Lagerstrom 4:01:43
5 Trevor Wurtele 4:03:33