Learn how to take your performance to the next level

First Endurance proudly supports the racing community. We sponsor the Colavita Bialetti, HOLOWESKO CITADEL professional cycling teams and a growing number of other professional cyclists. We have a dynamic relationship with the First Endurance athletes. This collaboration allows our Research and Development team to continue to push the limits of endurance performance.

Everyone who works at First Endurance races. Not just occasionally either, every week. We spend a lot of time packed in a car driving to early-season races (hopefully in warmer climates) and have stayed in more grungy hotels than we care to remember. We race when it is below freezing or raining sideways. We hang around the hotel after a race wondering when we’ll get the feeling back in our feet. We know what it’s like to chase a breakaway for an hour just to get a flat once we finally bridge the gap.

Most importantly – we know what it takes to win races, when everything works out just right. We understand the work ethic, sacrifices, dedication and satisfaction that go into every victory.