We work with the best runners in the country, each with their own unique set of talents.  Our partnership with these amazing athletes allows us to formulate the best endurance products in the world.  It's the ultimate testing grounds for endurance nutrition. For great tips, insights and personal suggestions, check out the running nutrition plans below.


Tommy Rivers Puzey

2018 Rock and Roll NV 1st
2017 Rock and Roll AZ 1st
2016 Transrockies 6 day solo, 1st
2016 Team USA 50km World Championship Team
2016 Rock & Roll Marathon, 1st
2016 Sedona Marathon, 1st

Nutrition Plan

Darcy Piceu

2018 Rhonda Del Cims (Andorra) 1st
2017 FKT John Muir Trail
2016 Bigfoot 120M 1st (OA)
2016 Wasatch 100 1st
2014 3 Days of Syllamo 1st

Nutrition Plan

Jacob Puzey

2016-2019 Canadian 50k Ultra Champion
2016 50 Mile Treadmill World Record
2016 Grizzly Ultra 50K, 1st CR
Multi x Ultra Winner and CR’s

Nutrition Plan

Calum Neff

Guinness WR Half & Full Marathon Pushing a Stroller
Canadian National Mountain Ultra Trail Running Team
Creemore Vertical Challenge 50km CR
Brazos Bend 50km 3:09 CR

Nutrition Plan

Karl Meltzer

Winningest 100 Mile Runner on Earth
2016 Appalachian Trail Speed Record
60 Ultra Running Race Wins
40 100-Mile Wins

Nutrition Plan

Krissy Moehl

2018 Mt. Gaoligong 160km Ultra 1st
2018 Sean O’Brien 50M 1st
2016 Quicksilver 100k 1st
2015 Team USA World 50-Mile Trail Team
2015 FKT Tahoe Rim Trail
2014 Cayuga 50 M,USATF Natl Champs 2nd
2009 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 1st, CR

Nutrition Plan

Ty Draney

2015- Scout Mountain 35K 1st CR
2012- Pocatello 50k 1st CR
2009- Grand Teton 100 1st 19:19 CR

Nutrition Plan