Duncan Callahan

2012 Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile 5th
2012 Ultra Trail Mt Fuji 100 Mile 11th
2011 Hardrock 100 Mile 8th
2010 Grand Teton 100 Mile 2nd
2010 Leadville 100 Mile 1st
2010 Silver Rush 50 Mile 1st CR
2009 Grand Teton 50 Mile 1st
2009 Moab 100 Mile 1st CR
2009 Rocky Raccoon 50 Mile 2nd
2008 Leadville 100 Mile 1st
2008 San Juan Solstice 50 Mile 3rd

Why First Endurance?

I’ve been with First Endurance since the fall of 2009, and much of my success can be linked specifically to First Endurance. For many years, a poor fueling strategy significantly hindered my ultra-running performance, but once I switched to First Endurance, my race results greatly improved and my digestive tract remained strong during training and racing. As I have now become tremendously engaged with a career and family, it is clear that proper fueling will be the primary factor in remaining healthy and recovering properly… and First Endurance is the cornerstone of that fueling strategy.
100 Mile Nutrition Plan

Day Before: I attempt to adhere as closely as possible to my standard day-to-day diet. That said, I typically eat dinner up to 2 hours earlier the night before an early morning race start, as I believe this aids in digestion and blood sugar regulation.

Race Morning Breakfast: Depends on the start time, but always two cups of strong coffee. If it is a later start, I will eat a relatively full breakfast consisting of sweet potatoes, eggs, and fruit. If the race start is early, I may not eat at all, or keep things very light, such as a hard-boiled egg and fruit.

During Race: Carry 1 bottle of EFS and 1 bottle of water throughout the race

I aim to consume approximately 300 calories per hour, but this depends upon the race, my speed, and the conditions. Generally, the cooler the temps or the slower my pace, the more I can and will consume.

I will fuel with Ultragen throughout a 100 mile race, aiming to consume a full strength bottle per 33 miles.

At aid stations: I will reach for ‘real’ food such as wraps (gluten free) with turkey, guacamole, and sea salt. Potato chips are another favorite, as are Honey Stinger Waffles (gluten free). In addition, I also like a variety of fruit in minimal doses – orange slices are my favorite.

Throughout the night: I love to reach for soups, but one thing I love (if a crew can assist) is warmed-up, mashed sweet potatoes with sea salt, turkey, and chips.

At the finish line: I typically crave nachos, tacos, or potato chips!