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Jacob Puzey

Jacob PuzeyJacob Puzey Mt Hood 50 2015 run with views

2017 50k Ultra Canadian Champion
2016 50 Mile Treadmill World Record
2016 50K Canadian Champion
2016 Grizzly Ultra 50K, 1s
2015 Grizzly Ultra 50K, 1st – CR
2015 North Rim Marathon, 1st – CR 2:59.40
2015 Mt. Hood 50, 1st – CR 6:09
2014 Trail Factor 50K, 1st
2014 Peterson Ridge Rumble 40 Miler, 1st
2014 Badger Mountain Challenge 50K, 1st 
2013 Tri Cities Marathon, 1st
2013 Volcanic 50, 1st – Course Record
2013 Mt. Hood 50, 1st – Course Record 6:12
2013 Trail Factor 50K, 1st – Course Record 3:45
2013 Peterson Ridge Rumble 40 Miler, 1st
2013 Badger Mountain 50K, 1st – Course Record 3:46
2013 Tri Cities Half Marathon, 1st – Course Record 1:14
2013 Hagg Lake Trail Runs 50K, 1st – Course Record 3:24
2012 XTERRA World Trail Run Championships 6th
2012 USATF 50K Trail Championships, 4th
2011 XTERRA World Trail Run Championships 5th
2011 USATF 50K Trail Championships, 3rd

Why First Endurance?

First Endurance makes a complete line of nutrition products for before, during, and after endurance activity.  Coupled with a clean diet, First Endurance has enabled me to train and race at a high level for years.

50K to 50 Mile Nutrition Plan:

Day before

Breakfast: My Health Eats Oat Pro 3 with blueberries, almonds, and milk. First Endurance MultiV (3) and Optygen (3).

Lunch: Watermelon, grapes, cashews, dates, Almond Butter & Banana Sandwich (2), Quart of Cappuccino Ultragen

Dinner: Bean, cheese, spinach, & tomatillo burritos (4).


Morning of

Breakfast: Tube of Mountaineer Maple Trail Butter, Banana, Granola Bar + Water/EFS Pro Lemon Water

During Race:

  •          Sip EFS Pro Lemon Water every 5-10 minutes.
  •          Nurse flask of EFS Liquid Shot every 30 minutes. 1 flask at least every 2 hours (200-400 calories).
  •          Trail Butter Single Serve Squeeze Pouch (200 calories) every 90 minutes.

At aid stations: 

  •          Potato chips (handful)
  •          Gummie Bears (handful)
  •          Salt Caps (if cramping)
  •          Ginger Ale (to settle stomach) or Coke (last third of the race to settle stomach & give me a bit of a kick)

Post Race:

  •          Quart of Ultragen – Cappuccino Flavor
  •          Something salty and protein rich – soup, burger, burrito, etc.