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First Endurance triathletes understand nailing race-day nutrition is usually the difference between dominating and not even making it to the finish.

For great tips, insights and personal suggestions, check out the sports nutrition programs below.


Heather Wurtele

6 Time Ironman Champion
20 Time 70.3 Champion
2016 IM 70.3 St.George N.American Champion
2016 IM 70.3 World Championships 3rd
2015 IM 70.3 World Championships 2nd

Nutrition Plan

Matt Hanson

Fastest American IRONMAN Time
2017 IRONMAN Texas N.American Champion
2017 IRONMAN 70.3 Coeur d’Alene 1st
2015 IRONMAN Texas N.American Champion
2014 IRONMAN Chattanooga 1st

Nutrition Plan

Tim Don

3x Olympian
4x ITU World Champion
Multi IM 70.3 Champion
2017 IM 70.3 World Championships 3rd
2017 IM Brasil Champion (World Record IM split)

Nutrition Plan

Jeanni Seymour

2018 IM 70.3 South Africa 1st
2017 IM 70.3 Boulder 1st
2017 Challenge Iceland 1st
2017 IM 70.3 Monterrey 1st
2017 IM 70.3 N.Amer Champs 2nd

Nutrition Plan

Kevin Collington

2017 IM Taiwan 1st
2017 IM 70.3 Costa Rica 1st
2017 IM 70.3 Monterrey 1st
2013 US 70.3 National Champion
2013 IM 70.3 World Championships 6th

Nutrition Plan

Josiah Middaugh

2016 Pan American Champion
2015 XTERRA World Champion
11X XTERRA National Champion
8X North American Snowshoe Champion

Nutrition Plan

Cameron Dye

2017 Boulder Peak Tri Olympic 1st
2017 NYC Tri Olympic 1st
2017 St.Anthony’s Olympic 1st
2016 Island House Tri 2nd

Nutrition Plan

Trevor Wurtele

2017 Challenge Geraardsbergen 1st
2016 IM 70.3 Monterrey 2nd
2016 IM 70.3 Victoria 2nd
2016 IM Canada 3rd
2013 IM Canada Champion

Nutrition Plan

Angela Naeth

2015 IRONMAN Texas N.American Champion
2014 IM Chattanooga 1st
Multi 70.3 Champion

Nutrition Plan

Justin Metzler

2017 Challenge Iceland 1st
2017 Ironman 70.3 Xiamen 2nd
2017 Ironman 70.3 Austin 3rd
2017 Ironman 70.3 Boulder 4th
2014 USA Triathlon Rookie of the Year

Nutrition Plan

Lindsey Jerdonek

2017 Bridgetown ITU Champion
2017 Eagleman IRONMAN 70.3 Champion
2017 Major League Triathlon Series Champion
2017 Yucatan ITU World Cup 2nd
3x Top 8 at ITU WTS
2014 Geneva ITU Triathlon Champion

Nutrition Plan

Danielle Mack

2016 IM Taiwan 1st
2015 IM Canada 1st
2014 IM Boulder 1st
3 Time Age Group World Champion
2012 USAT Amateur Triathlete of the Year

Nutrition Plan

Branden Rakita

2017 XTERRA Pan American Series 2nd
2017 XTERRA Victoria 3rd
2016 XTERRA Dominican Republic 2nd
2015 XTERRA USA Champs 6th
2014 Calgary IM 70.3 8th

Nutrition Plan

Jason West

2017 Escape Series Philadelphia Triathlon- 1st
2017 ITU Richmond Continental Cup- 1st
2015 ITU Puerto Rico Continental Cup- 1st
2015 ITU Cartagena Continental Cup- 1st
2015 USAT Collegiate National Championships- 1st

Nutrition Plan

Maia Ignatz

2017 XTERRA Oak Mountain Championship 4th
2016 XTERRA Pan American Championship Series 2nd
2016 XTERRA Pan American Championship 4th
2016 XTERRA Beaver Creek 3rd
2016 XTERRA Oak Mountain Championship 2nd

Nutrition Plan