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Angela Naeth

Angela Naeth

Angela Naeth IMTX 2015

Height: 5’6″
Weight: 120 lbs

  • 2015 Ironman Texas N.American Champion
  • 2014 Ironman Chattanooga Champion
  • Multiple 70.3 Champion

Why First Endurance?

I was a big fan the first time I was introduced to first Endurance simply because it worked. I went for a long ride, had no gut issues, no cramping and had the energy I needed. I was hooked. After diving into the science and ingredients of the products I never used anything else. They use strict qqulity control, quality products and have done a lot of research on the specifics found in their race and recovery products.

My IRONMAN Nutrition Plan:

Breakfast: (approximately 3:00 a.m.) One serving of Ultragen with Applesauce and a Banana. Sip of EFS-PRO (Cucumber) leading to race.
Pre-Swim: 1 can of Redbull, 1-2 squirts of EFS Liquid hot.
On Bike Nutrition: I start with 2 high strength (3x strength)  EFS-PRO Cucumber and 1 bottle of Redbull on the bike. I take in all my EFS-PRO and use the race-day nutrition provided for the remainder of the ride. I either take in EFS Liquid Shot or other 25g carbohydrate packets every 45 minutes.  The last hour of the bike I sip on Redbull and the remainder of my EFS-PRO.  Because of the amount of EFS-PRO, I don’t usually need salt caps but carry them just in case.
Run Nutrition: I use on-course nutrition for most of this but have EFS Liquid Shot at the start of the run and in special needs. I sip on Redbull and take in EFS-PRO on the course if there are PRO tables (Kona) and/or special needs.
Post-Race: 3+ scoops of Ultragen and a banana! … and a good burger!