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Cody Waite

CodyWaiteCody Waite

Height: 5’9″
Weight: 140

2012 Xterra 4 Corners 1st 
2012 Steamboat Springs Tri 1st 


Why First Endurance?

I choose First Endurance because their products are built on ‘science’ as opposed to trendy flavors, ingredients, and buzz words. Every single ingredient in all of their products serves a distinct purpose, and they spare us the fillers, colors, and added flavors that only slow things down. More importantly, through my own personal experiences, I know these products work and work well.

My Xterra Nutrition Plan



Coffee upon waking.

30 minutes after waking, Optygen HP & Multi V with a large glass of water. 1-2 slices of toast with peanut butter, sliced banana & honey. 1.5 scoop bottle of EFS.

A coffee for the road if it’s cold out.


Race Warm-up:

Sip a second bottle of EFS (with ice if hot out) during drive to race, set-up, and bike/run warm-up.

Prior to swim warm-up I do 1 scoop of EFS + 1 scoop Pre Race powder in a flask, followed by a swig of water.


During Race:

1-2 bottles of 1-2 scoop EFS on the bike. Frozen the night before if it’s a hot race.

Flask of half EFS Liquid Shot + 1 scoop Pre Race and water about 15 minutes from end of bike.


Post Race:

Within 10 minutes a 2 scoop bottle of Ultragen on ice.

Water, fruit, cookies, as needed over next hour.

About 2 hours after I’m craving a burger, fries and coke from a quality establishment in the area