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Donna Phelan

Donna Phelan

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 135 lbs

  • 2016 RAAM 6hr Time Trial World Championships 2nd 
  • 2014 Rev 3 Florida 1/2 Ironman 1st
  • 2013 Leadman Bend 2nd
  • 2013 Leadman Tempe 3rd


 Why First Endurance?

Because they make the best sports nutrition on the market. I know that I’m getting the highest quality sports nutrition available, all of which is based on scientific research. On top of that, the products I use in racing (the EFS Liquid Shot and EFS Drink Mix) taste great, cause me no GI distress, and keeps me optimally fueled and hydrated so I can perform at my best.

Ironman Nutrition Plan

Day Before the Race:
I avoid fiber and hard to digest foods, but otherwise I eat foods that I’m familiar with and eat on a day to day basis.

Breakfast – bowl of oatmeal, banana, piece of toast with peanut butter, small coffee. Plus Optygen and Multi-V.

Lunch – turkey sandwich, muffin, yogurt

Dinner – chicken or salmon, rice, dessert

Race Morning:  small bowl of oatmeal, 1 banana, 1 bagel with peanut butter and jam, 1 small coffee. Plus daily servings of Optygen and Multi-V.

Race Day nutrition:

Pre-Swim – I sip on a water bottle with one scoop of EFS Lemon Lime (~100 calories) 45min prior to swim start.

During Bike – 1/2 Vanilla EFS Liquid Shot every hour (200 calories), plus 1 full bottle of EFS Lemon Lime (~100 calories). I also have 2-3 mini snickers bars during the bike.

During Run – 1/4 Vanilla EFS Liquid Shot every 25min plus sports drink/water at all aid stations.