Jesse Thomas


Jesse Thomas

6’1″   180lbs

2012 Wildflower Champion
2012 Rev3 Main Champion
2011 Wildflower Champion

Why First Endurance?

Jesse Thomas has been with First Endurance since February of 2012.  He relies on the First Endurance system to keep him healthy and fueled for the demands of professional triathlon racing.   “It’s pretty simple really, First Endurance has the best products. I’m pretty meticulous/analytical and I evaluated a LOT of different options before deciding on a race day nutrition option. I performed the best on First Endurance, so the decision was easy.

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My 70.3 Nutrition Plan






70.3 Nutrition Plan

Breakfast ~2.5 hrs before race,
-Picky Bar, maybe two
-Almond butter and strawberry jelly on gluten free toast
-Sip on EFS
-FE Multi Vitamin
-Optygen HP

Warm up
-Sip on EFS as needed

-Some lake water, usually. Maybe a bit of kelp or algae.

-200 Cal EFS in Shiv bladder
-300 Cal EFS in each FE water bottle
-take 2-3 bottles of water on course and mix throughout
-200 Cal Liquid Shot, just in case. Since this ride is so long, may dip into that.
-Total 800-1000 calories, 100-120 oz H2O

-100 Cal Liquid Shot + Pre Race in flask, taken over first mile or so.
-200 Cal Liquid shot in flask taken over next 8 miles
-water and/or coke to finish
-slow down to take water at every aid station

Post race
-Ultragen immediately
-Picky Bar as snack until first meal