How Many Calories Should I Consume Per Hour?

By Shawn Dolan PhD, RD, CSSD The primary reason to consume calories during endurance exercise is to provide carbohydrate to the working muscle and brain. This becomes increasingly important as the duration of training/competition lasts longer than 60-90 minutes due to the body’s limited capacity to store carbohydrate (glycogen). The ability to digest and utilize […]

Energy and Electrolyte Considerations

By Jeff Rocco MD Proper hydration for athletes requires more than water. Last month we established the critical role electrolytes play for exercising athletes. (See A Tale of Five Electrolytes)  During exercise electrical impulses are being carried, muscles are contracting, calories are burning, heat is being produced, and sweating occurs. To keep these systems within […]

Carbohydrates for Endurance-review of current research

Carbohydrates for Endurance Reviewed and Updated by ERB member Bob Seebohar, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS, Sport Dietitian Intro: Energy for endurance exercise is fueled primarily by fats and carbohydrates, with carbohydrate utilization increasing as the intensity of the exercise increases. Thus, carbohydrates are crucial to competitive endurance exercise performance. In addition to food based carbohydrates, […]