Ultimate Pain Caves

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We were curious how all of you bad-ass athletes were beating the winter blues, so we ran our first ever Ultimate Pain Cave contest on Instagram.

The entries did not disappoint. From an undisclosed bunker in the Middle East to the repurposing of a girl’s playhouse, we have been impressed with the diversity and creativity of your pain caves.

Check out the winning entries below.

Winner: Worst Conditions

Our first winner of the #ultimatepaincave contest is for our “Bad” category. We didn’t really know what to expect from this one, but we knew we would know it when we saw it.

This photo from @evan.m.t definitely fits as one of the least hospitable training environments we can think of, truly befitting of the pain cave monicker.

Winner’s Comments
Somewhat janky, but a “pain porch” located in a undisclosed location in the Middle East in support of ongoing regional conflicts and geopolitical tensions. An @garmincycling Tacx Neos 2 trainer, a @ritcheylogic steel BreakAway dressed in @campagnolosrl Athena for running Zwift. Thanks to @bikesurgeon and @celestialcycles for help getting the bike together in a hurry before this deployment. I scrounged two benches to act as a table, a cooler and milk crate for a laptop stand. One kettlebell that’s heavy, one that’s light. Body armor and helmet on hand because reasons. Apologies for the surreal lighting, it’s camo netting, because again, reasons.

Winner: Most Creative

We had soooo many great entries that could have won our “Most Creative” category in the #ultimatepaincave contest, but @utahman.brian has a really sweet setup that started out as his girls’ playhouse, and is now an amazing place to put in some miles.

Winner’s Comments
Here is my #UltimatePainCave.
✅ trainer
✅ all the screens
✅ Heat and AC
✅ Detached from house – I can be as loud as I want!
✅ Home Office
✅ there may be a hammock too…

It started out as a salvage job – neighbors wanted their playhouse gone. So we tore it down and moved it down the street and around the corner to our house. My girls used it for a bit (and picked the color)…but lost interest. Then COVID hit. Boredom, space needs, sprinkle some ambition and the ‘playhouse’ got insulation, 110v and 220v power, cat5 internet, a DC inverter heat pump for AC and heat (really thankful for heat now…). Now is my home office, and pain cave.

Winner: Best Pain Cave

Our last winner in our #ultimatepaincave contest is @lifewelltrained with a setup that we can all be jealous of.

Winner’s Comments
The Pain Cave slooooowly taking form. I’m a treadmill and few pieces of strength accessories away from not having any excuses. Truthfully I have everything I need for optimization – 400# of weights, heavy kettlebells, bands, wahoo kickr, dry sauna, heavy bag, plyo box and space to move.

The wish list includes a Woodway treadmill, medicine balls, gym flooring, trap bar and maybe another 100# of plates or so. A cold water thingamaggy for CWI would be icing on the cake. Asking too much?

Thanks so much for everyone who entered. We loved seeing how everyone was getting after it this winter. See you all out on the road soon enough!

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