So effective we patented it

A formulation that accelerates muscle and joint recovery while reducing muscle soreness, exercise-induced inflammation, and down-time following overuse injuries. HALO provides comfort to muscles and joints that are sore and aching—more intense training, more effective recovery.

✓ Increased joint health & comfort
✓ Reduced exercise-induced inflammation
✓ Accelerated joint & muscle repair
✓ Cardiovascular, cognitive, & immune functions




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curcumin delivery

HALO is such a uniquely effective curcumin formula that we patented it.

Don’t Let Anything
Slow You Down

Almost every athlete has had training derailed by a nagging minor injury. That’s why we developed HALO, a patent-pending combination of Curcuminoids, Astaxanthin, and Omega-3s that contributes to a full-body training foundation. More intense training, more effective recovery.

Full System Maintenance

Omega-3s and curcuminoids efficiently populate cell membranes, where they are precursors and enhancers for signaling molecules that help maintain normal, healthy musculoskeletal tissue integrity and cardiovascular, cognitive, and immune functions. By managing inflammation-triggering enzymes and supporting cell membrane function throughout the body, HALO helps keep critical systems at peak efficiency to respond to your body’s need to perform.

Reinforce the Weakest Links

Joints and muscles bear the brunt of endurance training abuse. HALO’s Curcuminoids and Omega-3 phospholipids reduce late-onset soreness, exercise-induced inflammation, down-time following falls, and the impact of lingering minor injuries by signalling the musculoskeletal system to kickstart repair and adaptation processes, providing comfort to muscles and joints that are sore and aching from training or overuse.

The 95% Penalty

95% of the population is deficient in omega-3s. That’s compounded by endurance exercise, impacting performance, mental processes, and recovery.

Cardiovascular, cognitive, musculoskeletal—virtually no major body system is unaffected. Superba2™ omega-3 phospholipids are bioidentical to your cell membranes, so they don’t require additional processing steps for uptake.

By improving membrane function, HALO supercharges endurance exercise capacity and energy production.

Don’t Be Fooled

Though the prospective health benefits of curcumin have long been known, ineffective delivery technology has kept the supplement industry from realizing its full potential. Curcumin breaks down fast and doesn’t get absorbed easily. Inactive forms of curcumin account for virtually all ingested curcumin in humans measured in absorption studies–a dirty little secret.

Curcumin only provides benefits when delivered in its native, natural, unchanged molecular form, known as free curcumin. There are two obstacles: getting curcumin out of the digestive tract and into individual cells.

To clear the first obstacle, most curcumin supplements solubilize curcumin, dissolving it in water. Unfortunately, solubilizing curcumin only makes it easier for your body to convert active free curcuminoids into useless metabolites marked for disposal. In other words, it gets deactivated curcumin through the digestive tract, but it doesn’t get useful quantities of free curcuminoids into individual cells.

Even when solubilized, most curcumin supplements are poorly absorbed. Getting free curcuminoids from the gut and into cells required a completely new approach.

We Cracked the Code

Our patent-pending formula with Superba2™ is the only delivery mechanism that clears both obstacles. Instead of being solubilized in water, curcumin is suspended in a HALO of phospholipid (read: fatty) protection.

Curcumin is, after all, a fat, and water and oil don’t mix. HALO with Superba2™ delivers free curcuminoids through the digestive tract and into individual cells by bypassing your body’s disposal actions.

Sourced for Efficacy,
Packaged for Protection

From the Superba2™ krill oil to the 95% pure curcuminoids from turmeric rhizomes, HALO’s effectiveness is rooted in its premium formula. Every component is sourced to maximize uptake and effectiveness, and the active ingredients are protected by naturally colored opaque capsules, which stabilize and preserve notoriously vulnerable ingredients.

A Comprehensive Performance System

The overlapping, system-wide nature of HALO’s performance benefits align with First Endurance’s comprehensive approach to endurance athletics. Our line of supplements supports every aspect of endurance training rather than just supplying sugar and salt during exercise and protein during recovery.

HALO, MultiV, and Optygen are the equivalent of building a base of fitness, ensuring your body’s infrastructure is equal to the exertions and stress of dedicated endurance training.


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First Endurance offers a complete endurance system—everything an endurance athlete needs to maximize performance. Each product has a specific purpose and complements the others. No guesswork and no missing components—First Endurance provides the comprehensive building blocks for an endurance training lifestyle.