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With more calories, more electrolytes, and a light, isotonic formula that’s easy to consume, Liquid Shot is the most advanced performance fuel for immediate energy and cramp prevention.


✓ Osmotically balanced for faster, easier uptake
✓ 110 calories per serving
✓ Promotes oxygen utilization and energy production




Liquid Shot incorporates the latest fuel-source technology, blending complex carbs for prolonged energy and high-glycemic carbs for fast uptake and immediate use. It provides an emergency lifeline to replenish flagging energy levels and support high-output, high-intensity efforts better than gels.


We omitted the thickening agents that make gels hard to ingest and slow to digest. The light formula is optimally balanced in a 10% isotonic solution to eliminate GI distress. It also doesn’t require an entire water bottle to choke down, so it doesn’t interfere with breathing during the high-intensity efforts when emergency fuel is most crucial.

“Texture is good, consistency is great. Sits in the stomach well. Can take it on a 100-degree day without any issues (which is huge). I won’t need to worry about what’s on course at Ironman; I can just bring these with me.”

Dr. Matt Hanson

5x IRONMAN / 5x 70.3 Champion

“Flavor and consistency are solid. Goes down fast. Good energy. Shit works.”

Karl Meltzer

Winningest Ultra Runner in history

“Exactly what I want: flavorful, easy to get down quickly with its thinner consistency and with all five electrolytes.”

Robin Carpenter

Rally Cycling


In addition to omitting thickening agents, Liquid Shot also avoids common ingredients like fructose and vitamin C, which reduce efficient energy production (fructose) and have demonstrated a negative performance impact when consumed during endurance training and racing (vitamin C).

“How does science taste this good?”


The revolutionary formula delivers all five electrolytes (instead of just one or two) for more effective uptake and cramp prevention. During extreme heat and intense efforts, Liquid Shot’s complete electrolyte profile can be the difference between peak performance and collapsing with cramps as the winning gap opens in front of you.


The latest research and technology give Liquid Shot a light, neutral flavor that’s easy to consume as often as needed. It’s not overpoweringly sweet, so you won’t get the dreaded sweetness fatigue that can lead to reduced consumption and insufficient fueling.


Q: What does Liquid Shot do?

A: Liquid Shot provides quick energy when you need it most. It also helps prevent cramping, and it’s engineered for fast, easy uptake from gut to blood and blood to muscles, so you can pop it on the hottest days and during intense efforts without putting your stomach and GI tract in distress.

Q: What’s the difference between Liquid Shot and traditional gels?

A: The short answer? Liquid Shot is more effective at preventing cramps, contains more calories, and delivers electrolytes and fuel faster.

And here’s the Bucci answer: Whatever traditional gel you’re comparing it to, Liquid Shot has more electrolytes. Ditto calories. Try it, and let us know if we’re wrong. It’s also got all five electrolytes instead of just one or two, which research shows improves uptake and increases overall cramp prevention.

Liquid Shot’s also different in what it omits. It doesn’t contain any gums or thickening agents that can slow fuel absorption and contribute to the gut punch of eating traditional gels during intense efforts. It also dodges other common ingredients that are ineffective or even counterproductive while exercising, including fructose (inefficient energy but often included for taste), vitamin C (impedes endurance performance), and amino acids (stymies caloric uptake).

Q: What does Isotonic mean, and why is it beneficial?

A: Tonicity determines how quickly the body can absorb fluids and nutrients, impacting hydration and energy levels. Isotonic means it has a similar concentration of carbohydrates and electrolytes to human blood. This is ideal because it’s easy for the body to absorb and digest, and it’s part of the reason why Liquid Shot is able to deliver fuel faster than traditional gels. It also means you don’t have to chew Liquid Shot or slug a whole bottle just to choke it down – a requirement during punchy efforts or when you’re living on the rivet.

Q: Does Liquid Shot help prevent cramping?

A: Yes, Liquid Shot delivers all 5 electrolytes to prevent cramping. Most traditional gels include only one or maybe two electrolytes, so they’re missing out on additional pathways and benefits that Liquid Shot’s comprehensive electrolyte suite provides. Liquid Shot’s magnesium is an especially oft-overlooked electrolyte that demonstrates extraordinary effectiveness at preventing cramps – learn more here.

Q: Will there be additional flavors of Liquid Shot available?

A: es, there will be different flavors coming out in early 2022 – in fact, “What about X flavor?” is usually the second question we get from the pros helping us with product testing and development. We can’t say more now, but there are clearly partisan flavor factions among the pros – and in the First Endurance org itself.

Q: How should I use Liquid Shot?

A: We recommend you use bottles of EFS or EFS-PRO as your foundation and take Liquid Shot as needed for additional calories and electrolytes. That’s not a firm Use Directions statement, but for Liquid Shot, you should listen to your body or consider what’s coming up in your training session or on the race course. If your efforts are flagging or you’re feeling twinges in your muscles, take one. Research has also shown that an influx of carbs late in an exercise session can have an outsized effect on performance, so it’s always a good bet before the finale.

Q: Why doesn’t Liquid Shot contain fructose, like other gels?

A: The latest research shows Fructose is not an ideal carbohydrate source during exercise. Traditional gels often include it as a sweetener, but unless conditions are just right and certain requirements are met, it’s just filler that makes your system work harder to digest and process it without netting an additional energy benefit. If you’d like to learn more, we abuse the poor sugar with research here.

Q: Why doesn’t Liquid Shot contain any amino acids?

A: Free form amino acids were left out because the new Liquid Shot is meant for a quick burst of energy and electrolytes. Amino acids can slow that uptake, so while they’re beneficial in the steady trickle carb supply game of, say, EFS or EFS-PRO, they don’t actually help Liquid Shot fulfill its primary function: Getting fuel and electrolytes into your system as fast as possible. Since they didn’t serve that ultimate purpose, they were cut. Again, Liquid Shot is a supplement to EFS and EFS-PRO, which both provide amino acids for other benefits, but that’s not Liquid Shot’s game.

Q: Will you be offering a caffeinated version of Liquid Shot?

A: Oh absolutely. This may be the first question we get from all of our pros and sponsored athletes. We’re currently testing a caffeinated version of Liquid Shot.

Q: Will you be offering Liquid Shot in the flask and refill container again?

A: We’d like to say “never say never,” but currently there are no plans to offer other packaging options like the flask and refill jug. Which does admittedly sound a lot like “never.”



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