While EFS & EFS-PRO EFS drinks both combine the latest clinical research and technology and are both designed as complete hydration and fueling drinks that can be used keep you fueled and hydrated at any distance, there are times when it’s best to use one instead of the other.  One of the great things about both EFS and EFS-PRO is that you never will need to take additional electrolyte pills/tablets with either formula.


Fluid loss plays a major factor in performance. Studies show that when you lose 2-3% of the body’s fluid through sweat, performance decreases by up to 7%. This can be the difference between winning and not even finishing. Electrolytes promote the absorption of water during exercise. When you sweat, you lose essential electrolytes, which can result in cramping and dehydration. The transfer of nutrients and water in and out of the cell known as cellular respiration requires all five electrolytes in a precise balance for maximum cellular efficiency.  EFS delivers 1160mg of electrolytes to keep you hydrated, prevent cramping  and maximize endurance.


EFS is the first endurance drink to be fortified with clinically effective doses of the amino acids Glutamine, Leucine, Iso-leucine and Valine. These key amino acids have been shown to improve glycogen re-synthesis and delay central (mental) fatigue. The latest research reveals that it’s these specific free-form amino acids that are inherent in protein, not the complete protein itself, that improves glycogen resynthesis and delays central (mental) fatigue.  The benefits of using free-form amino acids are that because they’re small molecules they are much easier to digest and absorb while exercising, they don’t cause bloating and they don’t cause GI distress.


  • Contains all 5 Electrolytes in the levels endurance athletes require to prevent cramping and dehydration
  • Eliminates need to take additional electrolytes
  • Improves glycogen resynthesis and delays central fatigue
  • Contains easy to digest free-form amino acids



EFS-PRO was developed to meet the unparalleled requirements of professional athletes so they can push the limits of endurance in ultra-long training and racing, excess heat and other extreme conditions without compromise.  EFS-PRO delivers more calories, electrolytes and other essential nutrients than any other endurance drink mix.

EFS-PRO delivers a proprietary blend of carbohydrate sources that each offer unique benefits for endurance athletes.  These special carbohydrates work synergistically to achieve optimal performance through varying channels of absorption.   The primary carbohydrate used in EFS-PRO is a branched chain cyclic cluster dextrin (CCD) that’s high-glycemic and have very little effect on insulin. This means athletes are able to sustain hard efforts through the increased use of fats, which allows them to spare essential glycogen. At 150 mOsm, cyclic dextrin is the lowest-osmolality carbohydrate source available and has been clinically proven to have the fastest gastric emptying time of any carbohydrate.   This low-osmolality and superior gastric emptying times means athletes can be assured what they drink goes directly to working muscles immediately.   Because of this, EFS-PRO can be mixed at stronger concentrations and still be absorbed properly.

This means you’ll have the energy you need, when you need it most, because you’ve been able to burn fat and spare essential glycogen. CCD is one of the lowest-osmolality carbohydrate sources available. It’s also clinically proven to have the fastest gastric emptying time of any carbohydrate. So EFS-PRO can be mixed at stronger concentrations and still be absorbed quickly and easily without causing GI distress.  EFS-PRO can be mixed at varying strengths shown in the chart below.



EFS-PRO is 100% soluble in water and won’t clump or thicken when mixed.  This is a great indication of how it get’s absorbed in the stomach.   

EFS-PRO was designed to taste like flavored water, eliminating the dreaded ‘sugar-fatigue’ commonly found with other sports drinks. EFS-PRO also delivers a special blend of sodium chloride and sodium citrate that has been shown to improve mineral absorption at high doses.  Fortified with L-Alanyl L-Glutamine for enhanced nutrient and water absorption along with these two sodium sources provides the optimal electrolyte shuttle for racing in hot environments.

*In extremely HOT conditions, we recommend you use EFS-PRO (instead of EFS) exclusively.   

EFS-PRO is ideal for athletes who have a sensitive stomach, are prone to cramping or are training or racing race in extreme heat.


  • Delivers more electrolytes
  • Delivers more carbohydrates
  • Easier to absorb and digest
  • Lite flavor & Lower in sweetness