We are often asked how these two products differ and why one would choose EFS-PRO over EFS.   The following information should help explain the differences so consumers can decide which product best suits them.

Both EFS and EFS-PRO are designed as complete hydration and fueling drinks, not to be confused with the low calorie electrolyte drinks that only offer hydration or full calorie fueling drinks that don’t support hydration. EFS and EFS-PRO are both all-in-one drinks that can be used to fuel and hydrate at any distance.   EFS-PRO is simply easier to absorb and because it delivers even more electrolytes, improves hydration as well.

Due to their advanced electrolyte profiles both the EFS and EFS-PRO work best in situations where there is a high sweat rate.   A hot race is where these two products really stand apart from the competition, by eliminating the need to consume electrolyte pills.   EFS drink mix will work effectively for 90% of athletes in 90% of race and training situations. Extremely long and extremely hot race conditions may warrant upgrading to EFS-PRO to assure the best drink choice in a difficult environment.


EFS works best by mixing one scoop (96 calories & 1160mg electrolytes) in 12oz water.   EFS-PRO can be mixed at varying strengths shown in the chart below.





The EFS-PRO drink mix has technology built in that allows for better calorie absorption and superior hydration.   EFS-PRO contains a special carbohydrate source that has a significantly lower osmolality than any other carbohydrate available. Because of this, absorption is improved so you can consume more calories without gastric distress. In addition, this revolutionary carbohydrate has virtually no sweetness. It’s designed to taste like flavored water, eliminating the dreaded ‘sugar-fatigue’ commonly found with other sports drinks. EFS-PRO also delivers a special blend of sodium chloride and sodium citrate that has been shown to improve mineral absorption at high doses.  Fortified with L-Alanyl L-Glutamine for enhanced nutrient and water absorption along with these two sodium sources provides the optimal electrolyte shuttle for racing in hot environments.


EFS handles 90% of athletes in 90% of race and training situations whereas EFS-PRO may be a better option for athletes that have a sensitive stomach, are concerned with cramping or heading to a race with extremely hot weather. Also, athletes that prefer very low sweetness drinks may enjoy the light flavor of the EFS-PRO.