Extreme fueling and hydration for extreme conditions and events.

Two years ago, we updated the formulas for EFS and EFS-PRO hydration mixes. We’ve published a LOT about the multiple changes, benefits, and revolutionary new technologies each formula incorporates.

In other blogs, you can learn about how EFS and EFS-PRO boost mental toughness with patented Suntheanine® and PharmaGABA®; provide scalable, osmotically balanced, GI-friendly carbs with maltodextrin, sucrose, and CCD; and far outpace the competition with a full suite of all five electrolytes to prevent – not just alleviate – cramping.

But here? We’re explaining the difference between the two formulas themselves. We’re listing the ways that EFS-PRO represents an upgrade over standard EFS to help you identify when EFS will suffice or when extreme conditions warrant the extreme carbs, extreme electrolytes, and extreme mental support of EFS-PRO.

Cramp Killer

EFS-PRO does have more electrolytes than any other major performance hydration mix, and it provides all five electrolytes – including the all important magnesium – in order to maintain a cramp-preventing balance of those critical minerals and micronutrients.

The only difference between EFS and EFS-PRO on the electrolyte front is one of scale: EFS-PRO simply provides more. For the purposes of this blog post, we’ll leave the electrolyte talk there, and move on to more significant differences between the two formulas; however, you can always read up on Dr. Luke Bucci’s explanation of how magnesium is an anti-cramp superstar.

Superlative Fueling

The CCD in EFS-PRO is the ultimate carb source for elite endurance athletes. While the maltodextrin/sucrose combo in EFS is no slouch, EFS-PRO’s CCD empties faster from the stomach, converts faster into glucose, and is easier on GI tracts that are in danger of redlining from processing so many carbs during such high-intensity efforts.

In clinical studies, CCD has also shown effects beyond fueling the ATP cycle. These include reduced ratings of perceived exertion and increased time to exhaustion when compared to other carb sources, even when those sources are providing equivalent carbs.

How the hell does it do it? It’s complicated, but Dr. Bucci has a pair of blogs to explain the unique chemistry of CCD and why that chemistry makes CCD unrivaled for endurance fueling.


Like EFS, EFS-PRO has Suntheanine®, a patented, ultra-pure source of L-theanine, which is an amino acid that activates your brain to maintain alertness and focus by balancing out stress signallers and keeping your responses organized and productive. While you’re training and racing, when you’re on the limit and your body is screaming, Suntheanine® helps you keep pushing deeper.

Unlike EFS, EFS-PRO also includes PharmaGABA, the actual neurotransmitter that promotes calm focus. Combining PharmaGABA with Suntheanine® keeps your brain even more balanced, so you can shrug off stress and the pain-induced panic that feed a natural inclination to govern or dial back your efforts during high-stress, high-output moments.

Sprints, intervals, summit pushes, desperate efforts to maintain a gap – EFS-PRO is even better equipped to ensure your head’s in the game when the elastic is about to snap.

Dr. Bucci has published a series on how Suntheanine® boosts mental toughness, and he’s also written about why PharmaGABA pushes your focus to new heights.


EFS-PRO is 100% soluble in water, which means it won’t congeal or thicken into sludge. CCD is isotonically aligned with your body’s internal chemistry, which means it doesn’t overload the osmotic balance in your GI tract, even when you take advantage of EFS-PRO’s solubility to mix it at double (or more!) concentration to increase electrolyte and carbohydrate delivery.

More fuel, more electrolytes, no sludge, no gut-bomb uptake issues – EFS-PRO effectively deletes the ceiling for delivery of the crucial tools your body needs to perform in the most demanding conditions.

How Performance Should Taste

Some might say we spent way too much time and energy testing, formulating, rejecting, and revising flavors. But anyone who’s hit a wall where sweetness fatigue or the prospect of another mouthful of salty, chemical-tasting sludge knocked them out of competition or upended a day’s training plan? They know that flavor and mixability can’t be over-improved.

Given the huge electrolyte content in EFS-PRO, nailing the flavor profile was especially important. We ran through several batches of flavors, leaving most of them on the drawing room floor before finally settling on the winning menu.

We’re damn proud of what we came up with – a light, refreshing taste that doesn’t linger with cloying sweetness or beat you over the head with obnoxiously overstated flavors in order to mask electrolyte content.

EFS-PRO just tastes good. A true novelty among performance hydration mixes.

When to Go -PRO

In extremely hot conditions, we recommend using EFS-PRO exclusively. We also recommend it for grueling, high-exertion sufferfests.

EFS-PRO’s scalable mixability means the electrolyte and fuel content can be ramped up as needed to meet whatever conditions or exertions a given day brings. But even at its basic concentration, EFS-PRO delivers more carbs that are easier on the belly, more electrolytes to prevent cramping, and more support for mental toughness, which is critical while suffering in high heat.

EFS-PRO is for elite athletes and the most extreme applications: blistering summer days, racing and sweating in high heat, and all-day outings with high output.

July 06, 2023 — Rob Ware

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