Dr. Matt Hanson


“My dad taught me how to work hard and set goals at a very young age. No doubt that is why I am where I am today."


I’m a former professor of exercise science turned professional triathlete and coach. As an athlete, I’ve been able to tally 12 professional wins, including 4 Ironman North American Championship titles.

I enjoy using the knowledge and experience gained in my former profession to benefit my training and racing, coaching business, and the way I supports my sponsors and team partners.


Daytona PTO Championships

2nd: 2020

Ironman North American National Championships

1st Overall: 4x


1st Overall: 2x

Matt's Top Picks


How did you get started in your sport?

I planned on being 1 and done when I first came to triathlon. I ended up qualifying for Kona in my first Ironman and thought I’d found my life long hobby. I started progressing quite quickly and soon found I could make a living chasing a dream of winning a world championship title.

If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs—such as
food and water—were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?

A plane and a pilot.

Describe your first bike.

I bought a used Litespeed roadie off eBay for $500 and added a set of clip-on aero bars. I was working on my Master’s at the time and was completely broke…I think I had to eat Ramen noodles for a month to be able to afford the bike.  

What's your favorite movie and why?
Shawshank Redemption. Just a great movie all around.   

If you were starring in a movie, what would your theme song be?
The Pink Panther   

Guilty pleasure food item?

I feel no guilt about anything I eat. Train hard enough so you can eat what you want!  

Where is your “happy” place?

Fishing in the Boundary Waters (Northern MN)  

What is something that you learned from a parent or grandparent that has
guided you in life?

My dad taught me how to work hard and set goals at a very young age. No doubt that is why I am where I am today.   

Tell us about your pet(s).

I have a giant Schnauzer named Rocky. He was a present to myself after I won my second North American Title.

Who is your favorite band or artist and their best album and song?

The Eagles – 7 Bridges Road