Rob Britton


“I've raced professionally for the last 10 years and during that entire time I have always used First Endurance products, some years I was fortunate enough to have them as a team sponsor, others I would just straight up buy the products because they're absolutely the best.”


I grew up in the prairies of Canada in Regina Saskatchewan. When I started racing a bike in the summer of 7th grade, I was terrible. I got less bad over the course of the next decade when I eventually moved out to Victoria, British Columbia, which I now call home. Over the ensuing 15 years I progressed from an average racer at a provincial level to one of the best stage racers in North America between 2015-18. I retired from professional road racing in the fall of 2021 and began life as a “privateer” at the beginning of 2022. I love racing, gravel, mountain bikes, and even some of these ultra endurance events. I still ride a road bike for fun, but I don’t ever see myself pinning a number on again. Always looking for the next adventure!


Tour of Utah

1st Overall: 2017

Tour of Gila

1st Overall: 2015
1st Overall: 2018
3rd Overall: 2014
3rd Overall: 2016

Lifetime GRand Prix

8th Overall: 2022


What are your goals for 2023?
Continue to race in more new places, refine fitness for some ultra distance events and ultimately keep pushing to return to my best.

What benefits have you experienced with First Endurance?
Since taking OptygenHP, my capacity to handle a massive training load and then absorb and improve is noticeable. Those improvements are felt on race day as well whe you have to push your self past your limits over and over. No other product has such a broad range of performance improvements.

What’s your favorite quote and where did you first hear it?
You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. When I was a kid.

What’s the best training advise you’ve ever received and who gave it to you?
"Stick to the process." - My coach, Chris Baldwin.

How did you get started in the cycling?
Just like any Canadian- it was a natural progression after a floor hockey game.

What’s been the highlight of your race career?
Winning the GC at the Tour of Utah.

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever gotten?
"Eatin's cheatin."

If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs—such as food and water—were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you.
My dog and a leatherman.

If you could have one superpower, which would
you choose and why?
Well, being able to fly would cut down on oversized baggage fees….

When you were little, what do you want to be when you grew up?
A cop.

Describe your first bike.
A Raleigh mountain bike. Probably 6 speeds. It was sweet. Then it got stolen.

What's the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?
Convincing my wife to marry me still ranks pretty high up there.

Blog Posts


In 2022, First Endurance ambassador Rob Britton made the change from the European road scene to the road less paved. As his first season racing gravel as part of the newly minted Life Time Grand Prix wraps up, Rob shared his thoughts on tires, tech, why the change made sense for him, and his own general theory of gravel as a metaphor for life transitions.