A Point-to-point training camp with Rob Britton

Photo: Craig Huffman
By Andrew “Lespy” L'Esperance

As a professional bike racer, a significant part of my job revolves around rigorous training for races throughout the season. Yet, being someone who loves to explore and experience places on two wheels, the invitation from my fellow First Endurance athlete, Rob Britton, to embark on a 1,550km route down the California coastline was too tempting to resist.

First Endurance’s new, high-carb EFS-PRO served as the base of our on-the-bike fueling for the entire eight-day journey. Photo by Craig Huffman

The jetty by Battery Point Lighthouse in Crescent City, the start of the eight-day journey down the California Coast. Photo by Craig Huffman

The mission was clear: pedal from Crescent City, CA to Venice, CA, covering about 1,550km of scenic terrain. The plan involved eight days of riding, with one shorter day to ease into the challenge and around 200km (125 miles) on the bike each day for the remaining seven days.


1,563km | 19,360m | 49h 59m | Click for Strava Ride

Collaborating with Rob – whose career has intersected with mine in the world of off-road endurance – brought a unique blend of experiences. Both of us, with different events in our sights for the 2024 season, found common ground in this training adventure, which would become the most substantial eight-day ride either of us had ever done.

The first few days North of San Francisco were on the colder and wetter side of things. Photo by Craig Huffman

The purpose of this trip was twofold: to undertake a massive high-volume overload training camp and to savor the beauty of the California coast. Managing such an extensive point-to-point training camp required careful consideration of various factors to maximize both the training and experience aspects.

Sleep was a top priority to recover from long days in the saddle. Rob chose accommodations to ensure comfort without breaking the bank, and bedtime between 9:00-10:00 pm allowed us around 8 hours of sleep each night.

Hydration played a crucial role, with big bottles on our bikes of EFS-PRO supporting our fueling and electrolyte needs, complemented by coffees, Mexican Cokes, and Red Bulls for an extra boost.

Always time for a little bit of fun. Photo by Taylor Chase

Gas station stops helped support the planned on-bike nutrition. Photo by Taylor Chase

On-bike nutrition also centered around EFS-PRO, supplemented by solid food like fig bars, cookies, scones, baked goods, and chocolate bars at various stops along the route. Off the bike, Ultragen served as a post-ride ritual with two scoops in a bottle to kick-start the recovery process.

A brief moment in the sun to relax and refuel before taking on the biggest climb on day two. Photo by Craig Huffman

Dinners during this high-volume training camp turned into a culinary tour featuring a variety of cuisines, including Mexican, Vietnamese, and Italian. High-carb and energy-dense meals fuelled each days effort and supported recovery for the next.

A medio litre of Mexican Coke and the best bakery stop of the trip in King City. Photo by Taylor Chase

Due to the huge energy expenditures each day, meals focused on refueling, and we relied on MultiV-PRO to ensure we received the necessary micronutrients and immune support. The meticulous planning paid off, and we completed the journey without any post-ride illnesses and were able to resume normal training not long afterwards.

Made it to Venice after 1,558km and eight big days on the bike. Photo by Taylor Chase

Through and through it was an incredible experience and one Rob and I will remember for a long time.

I cannot recommend big challenges like this enough. It is incredible the power of pushing your perceived limits and taking on something that makes you a little – okay a lot – nervous. Do your planning, eat well, fuel well, and enjoy the experience.

Thanks for reading.


February 08, 2024 — First Endurance
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