First Endurance has the two best performance multivitamin/minerals (MVMs) on the market. Both are specifically designed for the endurance athlete, women and men alike. Taken as directed, both provide more than sufficient intakes of essential vitamins and minerals (excepting calcium) as well as other nutrients that improve performance and recovery.

So if both are so good, then why have two? And which one should I take? And why the lack of calcium? Reasons and answers below!


While both MultiV and MultiV-PRO do include 90 mg (7% DV) of calcium, the mineral is purposefully limited because typical dietary intakes are good enough. It's a poorly known fact that effective absorption and utilization of Calcium is dependent on adequate levels of other vitamins and minerals, which a complete MVM ensures. Also: Too much Calcium can actually inhibit absorption and utilization of most of the other minerals, causing imbalances detrimental for bone health.

By keeping everything else replete, MultiV and MultiV-PRO effectively lower the amount of Calcium you need from your MVM while limiting adverse impact Calcium can have on your body’s use of other minerals.


MultiV is the starter MVM, covering all the essential macro- and micronutrients a dedicated endurance athlete needs. Its formula is targeted for those training for events equivalent to or less than a marathon or six-hour cycling races. That is to say, it’s everything most athletes need, and in this case, “athletes,” are people who live for training and racing. This isn’t some gummy chew shaped like a cartoon character, and it’s also not a grocery-store MVM for sedentary adults.

A few other considerations: If you don’t like swallowing a lot of pills, MultiV has only three per serving instead of the four for MultiV-PRO. That also means that spacing out one MultiV pill per meal is more convenient and easier to take, and it’s a convenient way to maximize the benefits of MultiV with slow-drip supplementation throughout the day. Finally, the most obvious and maybe least important consideration: MultiV is less costly than MultiV-PRO.


MultiV-PRO was developed for the super-freaky ultra-endurance and professional athletes who train harder, longer, and more often – and then put that training to use in the most difficult, most extreme races. As its name states, MultiV-PRO is designed for the pros whose livelihood depends on optimal health, performance, and recovery.


Compared to MultiV, MultiV-PRO is especially designed to enable better recovery from the physical and mental stresses of extreme endurance exercises, owed to the inclusion of Levagen®+. Levagen®+ is the mastermind nutrient of your body’s major antistress response team, coordinating faster recovery and tissue repair while managing body-wide stress of all types.


We use polyphenol-rich extracts for multiple performance- and recovery-related reasons, but another reason just as important is those extracts’ well-documented but underappreciated roles in Gut Health.

Both MultiV and MultiV-PRO have polyphenol-rich Green Tea extracts, Ginkgo biloba extracts, and Spectra®, a multi-polyphenol antioxidant blend that also adds additional anti-stress effects. In addition to keeping your gut lining less stressed and healthier, these multiple polyphenol ingredients actually modify your gut microbiome into a friendlier mixture.

MultiV-PRO puts even more emphasis on Gut Health by including more Spectra®, more Beta Glucan, and adding a clinically tested amount of agave inulin – a preferred prebiotic for friendly gut microbes.


MultiV-PRO also provides more Iron (27 vs 18 mg per serving), which counteracts the #1 micronutrient deficiency in ultraendurance athletes. This is especially recommended for women with low blood cell levels, or who are planning to be or are already pregnant. Another PRO advantage: Each of the minerals that count the most are 100% chelated forms in MultiV-PRO, meaning superior uptake at lower doses and increased gut tolerability.


The level of Vitamin D3 is also boosted for MultiV-PRO, hitting a mark at or beyond the intakes known to ensure adequate body levels of one of the most critical vitamins for endurance athletes. MultiV-PRO also has more Choline, the newest essential MVM, which has specific benefits for endurance athletes.


Chromium is also higher, included at a daily intake that improves body composition and helps burn fuel more efficiently – both of which are especially important for the high loads of refined carbs necessary for peak performance.


You can’t go wrong with MultiV or MultiV-PRO. Both use chelated minerals, and both have a wide range of antioxidants including green tea, Ginkgo, and mixed fruit/veggie/herb extracts. Both supply clinically-tested amounts of Beta Glucan to support immune health, gut health, and recovery. Both have Good or Excellent Sources of Choline. Both have the superior MTHF form of folate, and both contain Boron and Vitamin K2 MK7, with their bone health and cardiovascular attributes.

In addition to all of that, both formulas include levels of every other MVM suitable to close the gaps in micronutrients that are unique to endurance athletes. You push your body hard, and that costs way more than just calories and hours of recovery rest. MultiV and MultiV-PRO are engineered to pay the price everywhere else, while also helping you process carbs and maximize recovery.

January 25, 2024 — Luke Bucci
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