Clinically studied ingredients that help you reach new levels.

By Luke R. Bucci, PhD CCN CNS


At First Endurance, we’ve always been about your performance. First and foremost, exercise performance – running, cycling, swimming, and physically doing better. Performance is also dependent on being able to perform, which relies on overall health, exercise recovery, musculoskeletal support, and even mental/mood aspects. We have ways to make your performance cooperate.

EFS/EFS-PRO, Optygen/OptygenHP, PreRace, and Ultragen have clinically tested ingredients at the right amounts to achieve max effort from your body and mind. But those fueling and signaling nutrients cannot work their best if you are missing essential micronutrients – vitamins and minerals. 

The new MultiV-PRO repletes those micronutrients more effectively than any other MVM, especially targeting micronutrient gaps typically experienced by endurance athletes. But it also does so much more, pushing past vitamins and minerals alone to include additional clinically studied ingredients that offer additional performance perks. Here are the highlights of how the new MultiV-PRO aids exercise performance.

MultiV-PRO – Unlike Any Other MVM

Can a multiple vitamin-mineral supplement boost performance? Short answer: Yes! But there are conditions. So can MultiV-PRO boost performance? Unconditionally!

How can we say that? Easy – essential vitamins and minerals can conditionally boost performance that suffers from inadequate intakes, functions, and poor diets. So by simply bringing those typical MVM items up to snuff, your body will perform better in ways that were hampered due to insufficient micronutrient support.

So how can MultiV-PRO provide unconditional performance boosts? That’s even easier, because additional, non-vitamin/mineral ingredients are a different story. They don’t help your body perform better by correcting deficiencies; they help you perform simply by being introduced to your body at all. It’s not a question of repletion or bumping the levels up to a passing grade – it’s simply pass or fail.

Given their nature, these extra ingredients need to stand on their own merits to unconditionally improve long-duration endurance performance, which is of course what we’re all about here at First Endurance. As always, the proof is in the research, and we rely on clinical human studies to ensure that our additional ingredients all get passing grades for improving performance.

Vitamins & minerals - getting to 100%

Before getting into the additional, non-vitamin/mineral ingredients, let’s stick with the classics for a little longer. Supplying the full spectrum of essential vit/mins ensures that your body is able to maintain peak performance simply by keeping every tissue, organ, and system operating at its most effective. Particularly important vitamins/minerals have repeatedly been shown to maximize endurance performance when their intake, status, and function are also maximized. For endurance performance specifically, here are the winners:

  • Iron – MultiV-PRO uses clinical tested amounts of FerroChel® to keep red blood cells maxed and make sure you can utilize oxygen and fuels for top performance (Barney 2022; Bucci 2023; Pasricha 2014; Shoemaker 2022; Tardy 2020).
  • Vitamin D – most athletes have a need for increased Vitamin D functions, and repletion of low status improves exercise performance to a new level (Brancacchio 2022; Bucci 2023; Harju 2022; Shoemaker 2022; Yoon 2021).
  • Folate (as MTHF) & Vitamin B12 – prevents any concern over making enough red blood cells that carry iron in hemoglobin to feed muscles oxygen needed for performance (Bucci 2023; Hoch 2009, 2010).
  • Magnesium – commonly suboptimal intakes are found in athletes, and intense exercise can lead to functional deficiencies. When repleted, Magnesium supplementation improves exercise performance and shows critical effects on preventing cramping (Bucci 2023; Stendig-Linberg 1999; Volpe 2015; Tardy 2020; Zhang 2017).
  • Choline – sufficient choline intakes counteract common genetic variations and decrease the loss of blood levels of choline during long-duration exercise. Those relevant blood levels are associated with ultramarathon performance (Bucci 2023; Buchman 1999; Conlay 1986, 1992; Ganz 2017; Hoeg 2020; Moretti 2020; Naber 2015).

Using a potent, balanced multi like MultiV-PRO can bring you to your 100% mark. But we all want more than that, which is where additional, non-vit/min nutrients come into play.

Additional nutrients - going beyond 100%

MultiV-PRO has at least four additional nutrients that have been shown to improve endurance exercise performance by themselves, even without the benefits of a potent, balanced MVM. The amounts in MultiV-PRO match or exceed the doses of the ingredients as used in successful clinical studies.

  • Levagen®+ – We have already seen in previous blogs how Levagen®+ improved biomarkers of damage after exercise and is responsible for the “Runner’s High” during long-duration aerobic exercise and high altitude exertions (Bucci 2023; Mallard 2020). On top of those benefits, Levagen®+ also improves sleep quality, musculoskeletal comfort, and overall mood on either side of the Runner’s High (Briskey 2021; Rao 2021; Steels 2021). All these benefits help maintain top performance;
  • Immulink® MBG Reishi Beta Glucan – Advantages of Beta Glucan for exercise performance include faster recovery times, no down times for training or repetitive events, and staying with your training program to achieve maximum benefits for exercise performance (Bucci 2023; Chang 2012; Chen 2013, 2023; Mah 2020).
  • Green Tea Extract – Human studies on endurance exercise found multiple exercise performance benefits from green tea polyphenol extracts: Faster competition times, increased VO2max, increased fat oxidation for energy during exercise and increased arterial-venous oxygen ratio (Bucci 2023; Kuo 2015; Miccheli 2009; Roberts 2015).
  • Ginkgo biloba Extract – Similar to green tea extracts, Ginkgo biloba extracts found increased endurance performance, improved VO2max and improved tissue microcirculation (blood flow), in addition to protection of oxygen saturation at high altitudes (Bucci 2023; Kennedy 2019; Sadowska-Krepa 2017; Tsai 2018)

MultiV-PRO Performance Summary

The value of supplementing all the essential vitamins and minerals in potent but balanced amounts has shown improvements for exercise performance and recovery, and also for other lifestyle factors that affect performance (immune support, mental effects, mood, sleep). That’s an obvious benefit – how can your system function at 100% if it doesn’t have 100% of what it needs?

MultiV-PRO goes beyond that, though, providing additional ingredients that have shown to produce faster times, improve exercise physiology measures, and also benefit other lifestyle factors that boost performance over 100%. You train to push your performance higher. MultiV-PRO unlocks new heights.


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