ROB BRITTON | Suffering

Crusher in the Tushar Course

In a year where he transitioned from road to gravel, Rob Britton reflects on how he willed himself into the pro ranks.

KIEL REIJNEN | Coming Home to Gravel

Crusher in the Tushar Course

Kiel Reijnen describes the transition from tarmac to gravel and rediscovering why he originally fell in love with cycling.

MATT HANSON | How to Win the Mental Game

Moab, Utah

Matt explains how he deals with “the dark place” of self-defeating mind games that can creep up over the course of 140.6 miles.

Burke Swindlehurst | Riding Outside of the Box

Onion Creek, Utah

Treat yourself to unreal red vistas and insight into Crusher in the Tushar founder Burke Swindlehurst’s love of the bike.

Tina Pic | Why I Ride

Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Why ride? Few cyclists have answered that question as often - or as effectively - as Tina Pic.

Phil Gaimon | Why I Ride

Park City, Utah

We spent hours talking and riding with the inimitable Phil Gaimon and asked him why he rides.