Daily Bundle

$179.95 USD $189.85

The Daily Bundle represents First Endurance’s commitment to every aspect of an athlete’s health that can affect or improve performance, because elite endurance nutrition is so much more than just gels and hydration mix. The bundle improves endurance and performance while providing endurance-specific micronutrient and musculoskeletal support, providing your body with the critical foundation it needs during intense training and competition.

  • 1 x OptygenHP
  • 1 x MultiV
  • 1 x HALO

Daily Bundle



Optimized performance and recovery during peak periods of extreme training and racing, with additional adaptogens and beta-alanine for increased endurance and power output.

- Increases oxygen utilization & VO2 max
- Improves time to exhaustion
- Boosts ATP energy production
- Extreme formula supercharges output



Cutting-edge technology specifically engineered for endurance training lifestyles. An athlete’s body needs more than off-the-shelf multi-vitamins provide. Don’t let it down.

- Supports the immune system
- Provides unrivaled antioxidant support
- Contains Ferrochel® Iron for oxygen utilization & reduced fatigue
- Targets endurance-specific micronutrient gaps



A patented formulation that reduces exercise-induced inflammation, shortens
down-time from lingering injuries, and reduces pain in connective tissues.

- Increases joint health & comfort*
- Reduces inflammation & soreness*
- Accelerates joint & muscle repair*
- Promotes tissue repair & recovery*

*exercise-induced or following exercise